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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Are Form 8815 Cardholder

Instructions and Help about Are Form 8815 Cardholder

Hold on everyone welcome back to my channel so I've been requested to do a review on this card holder from spring and you know for security reasons I have picked cards with no personal information on them that way it'll be easier to show you how I really feel about this card holder and I have been using it since I got it um I can't even even remember when but last year and I'll tell you why because I have been waiting for a car card holder with an ID slot like this from any luxury print I know others does have an ID slot as well but between you know LV or Louis Vuitton I mean between LV Chanel and Selene I know LV has one but it they have like um a matte cover on it if that makes sense and I've asked about this because the clear material does yellow over time and I know it's true because I've had wallets like that before and over time it does yellow and that's why luxury brands tend to not have that style that makes sense but with Chanel they figured out the problem and removed it so this is there is no let me show you this is a card that doesn't have my name in the front so I'm picking it so this has it has no clear coat whatsoever so if you can see that it's just open but it's still the slot that I love and I've been using this for that reason because you know my ideas usually there and when they want to check my ID I just go ahead and let them check it um it does feature a pocket in the back one slip pocket and the ID slot has a pocket in the back behind it and this side has two card slots I only have one card right now and then another pocket in behind the two card slots and my only complain about this really is that when you remove your card you know this kind of seals and when you put your card back in sometimes it does get stuck right now it's not having that problem kay let me try the back yeah for some reason when you're in a hurry right now it's not doing it but when I'm in a hurry when I put the card back it does get stuck because between the leather the inside of the slot is like the grosgrain material that should not have and sometimes it gets stuck in between I'm sorry if I'm talking but so he does get stuck like this and then I have to kind of look for the spot and slided it but other than that I love this card holder I've been using it since I got it and non-stop I have not you know I have used it non-stop and I do like to just carry it when um you know quick errands I just want to carry this and it is pretty yeah I love it I think it's it is priced the same as the like the push card holder I think you know what I mean the classic one with a button you open it and it's like slots right here it is the same price for $450 in the US but I think that this is really useful for me the ID slot and that's why I think it's worth it and to be honest with you I view this more I think than my other card holder yeah I love it so much so that I have it in another color the blue one if you see if you've watched my I think what I got for Christmas and boxing yeah that was one of it and then yeah so that thing that's it this is just what I can say about it though is that the inside is calfskin like smooth calf skin so you can see some wear on it already but I think it just gives it more character and I really love this thing so it's been so useful I use it every day I haven't switched out of it since and it does come in the matte gold hardware as well so I know I saw that but you know me I'm a ruthenium kind of girl or silver hardware so that's why I chose this and yeah I think that's it that's all I really have to say about this my only complain was like I mentioned yeah beat not being redundant but the card does sometimes get stuck here putting back putting it back in but for now I think I haven't had a problem with that especially when I'm doing a video it doesn't show off but yeah I think that's it for this video thank you so much for watching I'll see you guys in my next video bye hello again everyone welcome back to my channel so this is one video.

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