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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Are Form 8815 Exclude

Instructions and Help about Are Form 8815 Exclude

This video I'm gonna be sharing with you three manifestation signs that you should never ignore I'm gonna share with you ways of using them in a powerful way doing the right things at the right time so that you are guaranteed to get their manifestation you want to experience Music welcome back to another video my name is Aaron and I help people expand their consciousness now in this video I'm gonna be sharing with you those three manifestation signs you should never ignore and there are also things that maybe a lot of people don't think about in the form of how the manifestation process works now when it comes to us creating what we want a lot of it has to do with our focus has to do with our intention has to do with our momentum which comes from our focus and when we start to put enough energy into a certain direction we're going to start to get signs of that manifesting in our life but what happens is sometimes people misinterpret those signs and what they do is they didn't give up they either withdraw their energy or they focus on something else and they start to let that momentum die so for the manifestation process in general something that's important to understand is that the most important thing is the energy state of being that you remain in throughout the whole process because if you start to feel an elevated emotion if you're doing what you're passionate about and you're feeling good but then you stop and you make it you switch how you feel then what you do is you're kind of in a way saying that I don't believe this can happen and I don't believe it will happen so instead what you want to do is make it a powerful in a way a commitment that you are going to remain in the preferred energy state regardless of the outer circumstances because the outer circumstances are reflection of the inside so when you start to have this kind of understanding that changes the whole process because then it's less about how can I do this does this miss to make the outer weight outer world look a certain way and it's more so about how can I feel the way I prefer regardless the outer circumstances and how would I do that then paradoxically enough that is when everything begins to change but what is the first sign that you should never ignore when it comes to manifestation its little tests that you may get or the universe in a way will give you a small little test to say if you're really committed to it so the idea is that if your goal of what you want to experience is over here and there's a little bit of a wall right here and maybe it's just a little wall that you have to kind of step over it's not a real tall wall what you do is when you get to that if you just immediately give up and you drop your state of being you're feeling passionate you get up to this wall and then you say oh this means that it's not meant to happen there's a little bit of resistance right here and you turn around or you just drop your state of B and guess what you don't actually make it over the wall you don't actually make it to what you want to experience in your life so sometimes what may happen in a sign that you're on the right path is if there's little bumps in the road and you can then in that moment decide whether you're going to move over it or you're going to completely turn away from it but you have to do something that I call I say this in a lot of my videos hold the frame you have to trust the process and hold the frame this is something I had to do for a long time when it came to making videos because I knew that it wasn't gonna be the fourth video that I made that was going to pop and then get big on YouTube what I did is I decided that I was going to make a video a day and I knew it was gonna take time and it did it took there were times and I had to really prove it to myself because I was working a full-time job at the time I was working a sales job and even though I was working a sales job I was also making daily videos when I committed to doing daily videos on YouTube and it was a lot of work but sometimes these little bumps would happen like for example I would then go home from work at sometimes midnight cuz I live in Las Vegas and I worked a sales commission job at Barneys New York selling woman shoes I'd get home at midnight and then what happened is at midnight I'd either be like mmm do I feel like going to bed right now of course I probably felt like going to bed but I was like but I committed to doing a daily video a video every day on YouTube and before I went to bed at night I couldn't go to bed without scheduling the video for 10:30 the next morning because that's where my videos always go out and it was a little bit of resistance it was a little bit of a bump but to me this is my personal viewpoint to me it was a little bit of a test to see how bad do you want this how much do you want the universe to reflect back to you what you want and when I decided do you know what I'm going to prove it to myself and prove it to.

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