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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Are Form 8815 Navigation

Instructions and Help about Are Form 8815 Navigation

You hello welcome in this video I'm going to show you how to create menus in Microsoft Access 2022 there are two ways to do this the new way which is built into the Microsoft ribbon bar is with a navigation form and the old way which is still supported but doesn't show up on the ribbon bar is a switchboard there are some advantages and disadvantages to both so I'm going to show you both ways the menu is constructed by creating a form on the form you place buttons representing the forms reports and queries and then optionally you can set that form as the default opening when you start Microsoft Access you can also create custom forms or menus for subsets of work for example if you have a person dealing with a new customer entry you can create a special form for that person that shows the forms reports and queries particularly for that individual so let's get started I have here a sample database this database come from a textbook prating lasts and database management book and I'm going to use that as an example to show you how to do these two different ways of creating Microsoft Access menus so the first is the new way that's built into Microsoft Access and that's with a navigation form it's relatively simple to do that this in fact is documented I'll show you where to find out if you go to google and type in create a navigation form in Access 2022 site go and support office com it should pop up is the first result here create a navigation form access from the site office com these are the official instructions so you can go through here they have some additional tips and so on that I won't go into I'm just going to get you started on this but if you want additional instructions and so on you can get them here go to create on the toolbar here and go to navigation and look at the drop-down it gives you it will create the form for you and it gives you some options on exactly how you would like this to look so you can experiment around with this I'm going to go with vertical tabs right just to show you how this works so if we click that it creates a navigation form for you this is probably the simplest way to go and once it creates this navigation form for you all you need to do is drag the queries forms or reports over where it indicates add new so to for example add a form that you would like opened from this menu click drag and drop and it's really just that simple so let's create a few items over here where it says add new we can create orders and then let's pull over a couple of reports so we'll pull our customer over here our item over here and maybe orders over here so these are the reports that we would like and it's pretty much just that simple you can see that it has opened this up in the layout view so we have a limited ability here to do some adjustment we can double click this change this form we could call this for example main menu we can save this as main menu and we are pretty much done now you can see that we have a form over here called main menu and when we view this in view form view we have our let me shrink this perhaps just a little bit so we have our menu over here and as you can see as we click these it opens up the either forms or reports in this window here and so this is the current method of creating this menu and this is an easy way to do it it's now built into access if we would like this to be the form that opens when we start access we can go to file options go to current database and where it says display form here we can go down here and click main menu and click OK and then close and open the current database for the specified option to take effect what that means is that if we close access and then restart it that form will open when we start the database and this is our then opening menu ok so this is one option let's close that the other option you have for an opening menu is what's called a switchboard this is an older method this is still supported and access but because they've put in this new this new kind of navigation form it doesn't appear this works a little bit differently and it has some other benefits that you may want to take advantage of it doesn't appear on the menu bar probably the easiest way to do that is to add this to this quick launch thing up here so let me show you how to do that up at the very top here is a configurable quick launch menu one of the options up here that comes by default is save you probably know about that the other is undo the others redo you can add commands to this quick launch thing and this is probably the easiest way to go about adding the switchboard functionality back in so let's drop this down and go down here to more commands and then let's add commands not in the ribbon we'll come down here and find a switchboard manager and we'll add that to the quick access toolbar and click OK and you must close and reopen the current database for the specified option to take effect I don't think that really applies here as we can see it added the switchboard manager up here to the quick launch that that may have.

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