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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Are Form 8815 Premium

Instructions and Help about Are Form 8815 Premium

At Liftmaster we're raising expectations through the delivery of the next generation of garage door openers and accessories the new Mac series of remote controls is easy to program and takes fewer steps than ever before and their program the same way with every compatible garage door opener that means you only have to remember one programming method instead of several easy right wanna know the best part Mac's remotes work with all 315 megahertz or 390 megahertz liftmaster garage door openers manufactured since January 1st 1993 since these remotes work with about every lift master opener out there you can reduce your on-hand inventory and save money plus each button on these remotes can control a different model lift master garage door opener or using the lift master remote light control turn out a light or small household appliance replace your customers old remotes with these innovative and versatile new products to increase your sales let's take a closer look at the max series and then I'll show you how easy they are to program there are three different models in the max series the 895 max three-button premium remote control the 893 max 3 button visor remote and the 890 max 3 button mini remote before working with these products check that the garage door opener has a functioning light bulb since its needed as a programming indicator the first step in programming is locating the smart or learn button on the garage door opener depending on the year of the model these will be color-coded in either green red orange purple or yellow when the learn mode is activated an LED will be illuminated turning to the remote controls locate the program button on the eight ninety three max the program button is found under the visor clip you can use the visor clip to push the program button on this model the 890 max has a small hole on the side of the device and on the 895 max its on the side to the left of the control buttons using a safety pin or paperclip press the program button on the remote and hold it in until the LED on the front comes on once you begin programming you have 30 seconds to complete the process press and release the openers learn button the learn LED will come on press and release the remote button that you want to use to control the door pressing the button once should make the openers light blink to indicate the opener has been programmed now if the garage door opener light doesn't blink slowly press and release the same control button again until you see the light blink when it does blink do not press the button again the opener has been programmed now exit the programming mode by pressing any of the other buttons on the remote that's all there is to it now press the remote and you're ready to go liftmaster raising expectations.

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