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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Are Form 8815 Referred

Instructions and Help about Are Form 8815 Referred

Hello my name is Jackson Burt and today we're talking about grammar that's gonna make the kids watch right that's what the youths are into these days commas so as trans people basically come with a whole other language you have to learn like we might as well all walk around with glossaries and trans to assist translation dictionaries just hand out to people so I've been thinking about maybe making like an ongoing trans grammar series to help explain some of our lexicon and this is sort of the first like beta episode the pilot it's the pilot I did do a TED talk about how to talk to trans people so this is just occurring to me how incredibly on-brand this is also I have a literature degree I am so qualified to be doing this so one question that I get asked all the time from you folks as well as from people in my life is how do I refer to a trans person before they transitioned you could be telling a story from their childhood or your old times together or maybe talking about a piece of their work that came out before they did so are you supposed to use their new name in pronouns or the ones that they went by when that event took place the answer is very simple you use their current name and pronouns if that's all you want you can stop watching now see you later that's the answer that's it however I think it's very important to understand the why behind language and not just memorize a correct answer now you may encounter a trans person sometime who has a different preference but the gold standard is to always err on the side of validating someone's gender and sometimes it may seem weird at first maybe you're looking at clearly feminine baby pictures and saying oh Jackson was such a cute baby wasn't he yeah it was I was very cute or maybe someone published a book under their birth name but now they go buy another one like ash hard Elle even though the book is out there in the world with his old name on it he'd probably rather you use his current one whenever you talk about it or maybe someone has videos song YouTube with his old name on them cuz he can't really do much about it the important thing to keep in mind is that it's very likely that the trans person in question has always felt like the gender they are it wasn't something brand new that they changed once they decided to share it with everyone and come so like when I talk about growing up as a little boy that's more true to what the experience was in my head then if I were to talk about having grown up as a little girl even though that's how most people saw me so by referring to the person is how they identify now even if you're talking about the past you're validating their gender and recognizing that they didn't just change genders when they decided to tell you about it they felt that way for much longer but again it can really differ for some folks depending on their gender identity and their own relationship to their transition and experiences it might be important to them to make those distinctions between the different genders they present it as or were treated as at various points in their lives for example when I talk about more feminine stages of my adolescence especially if I'm talking about topics like how I was treated by men I think it's important to bring up the gender that I presented as but I would not be happy to hear someone else talking about that period of my life and using my old name or pronouns because these sorts of nuances and personal opinions are down to each person to decide for themselves not something that you get the same privilege to do your role is to defer to the most respectful assumption until you are told otherwise now the other reason that it's very important to use a trans person's current name in pronouns even when talking about their pre transition life is because it can be very distressing for a trans person to hear their old name and pronouns it's anxiety inducing it's nauseating it's all kinds of bad and distracting feelings that we don't want to be having when someone's talking about what might be an otherwise very nice point in our lives and you also need to think about the safety of the person you're talking about are you a hundred percent sure that every person you're talking to knows that this person is trans if you switch to their old name and pronouns to tell a pre-transition story would you be counting them against their will counting someone as trans is not only massively disrespectful but can be dangerous if some of the folks who find out are transphobic and they could choose to act on that transphobia with violence or forms of disenfranchisement like getting them fired from their job or removed from their housing which by the way are both totally legal things to do to trans people in most states in the US and I've just one more point of complication when it comes to talking about trans people in the past if you are in a mixed group where some people aren't aware of this person's trans status there might just be some stories that you can't share you know like does the story involve them using the restroom of another gender or being and Boy Scouts are going to in all women's camp those are the kinds of details that would raise eyebrows to someone who doesn't know they're trans for example my mom wanted to tell some friends about the prom dress.

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