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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Are Form 8815 Spouse

Instructions and Help about Are Form 8815 Spouse

Music. Hi guys, welcome to a very different video from me today. I have been waiting all day to film this video. I have literally just come in from work. I'm feeling very, very tired. I've not taken my uniform off. I've still got my makeup on. I look a mess. I wanted to film this video and I couldn't resist without telling you guys this. You probably read the title already and know what I'm about to say. I just wanted to say it myself. My husband and I received a text message this morning asking him to pick up his passport from the application center. And when he arrived inside, his passport was a visa. So we are very, very excited to have him here and join us in the UK. And we cannot wait. If you're not sure and if you don't know already, you have four weeks to arrive in the UK once you've received your passport and your visa. And so we're hoping to have him here in three weeks' time. So that will be amazing. And I cannot wait to go pick him up. So just wanted to film a quick timeline of the application process for us. And so if you're interested in that, keep watching. And it might be helpful to some of you guys out there as well. So on the 2nd of November, I logged onto the government website and I registered my husband as an applicant. And I started filling out the application form. And every day, I would call my husband and ask him answers to questions I didn't quite know the answers to. I answered whatever I could myself. And towards the end of the application, I would go back and double-check everything was filled out, double-check...