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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Are Form 8815 Spouse

Instructions and Help about Are Form 8815 Spouse

Music hi guys welcome to a very different video from me today I have been waiting all day to film this video I have literally just come in from work I'm feeling very very tired I've not taken my uniform off I've still got my makeup on I look a mess I wanted to film this video and I couldn't free without telling you guys this he probably read the title already and know what I'm about to say I just wanted to say it myself and my husband received a text message this morning asking him to pick up his passport from the application center and when he arrived inside his passport was a visa so we are very very excited to have him here and join us in the UK and we cannot wait if you're not sure and if you don't know already and you have four weeks to arrive in the UK once you've received your pass and your visa and so we're hoping to have him here in three weeks time so that will be amazing and I cannot wait to go pick him up so just wanted to film a quick timeline of the application process for us and so if you're interested in that keep watching and it might be helpful to some of you guys out there as well so on the 2nd of November and I logged onto the government website and I registered my husband as an applicant and I started filling out the application form and every day I would call my husband and asked him answers to questions I didn't quite know the answers to I answered whatever I could myself and towards the end of the application I would go back and double-check everything was filled out double check the spelling was okay and double check that all the information was correct as well so it came to the 24th of November where we were ready to actually submit the application form and so once we had submitted that we then booked our biometrics appointment for the 27th of November as well this allowed me enough time to transfer her husband some money to pay for the visa fees which he had to do with the bioships appointment so after about the biologics pointment you're given 20 days to hand in the supporting documents 10 if you priority however we did not pay priority so we had 20 days it's just a good amount of time and it allows you to collect all of the documents that you need that are required we didn't need the full 20 days however it was nice to have and then also it's from the biometrics appointment where you need to allow 90 days for them to give you a decision but wouldn't really contact them within that 90 days about the process about your application and the status of your application unless you really really have to and it's after the 90 days where you might think about maybe needing to contact them I know it's very very hard they have so many applications to get the room and it will happen for you eventually so the following day on the 28th of November my husband received an email saying that they have received his online application form which was good news and then it was just a case of getting supporting documents together and submitted and um so we were ready on the 6th of December to submit the documents to the post office and I asked them to send my parcel and special delivery with a tracking number so I can see when that they received the package and and I did see that they received the package the next day it was signed for and after that I felt like a weight was lifted on my upper shoulder it was such a stressful process getting all of those documents together and finally now I could just leave it in their hands and wait for a decision yeah so yeah it felt very freeing then it got nearer to Christmas and I hadn't received my supporting documents back I have that they once they've received the documents if you submit a photocopy of all of your original documents they send your original documents back after they have scanned them and that usually takes about ten days just over a week so when that hadn't happened and it was almost a month after I submitted the documents I was starting to get a little bit worried I was looking into whether the address that I sent the documents to was the correct address above - so I sent a long email to UK VI which did cost me and telling them that I think I've submitted to the wrong address whether they could track it and send it to the correct address and they suddenly judge Americ email back and emailed that they would just send to anybody they didn't answer any of my questions just told me that the application is in process the application is in processed from the day that you paid when they receive our documents or not was a complete different story and they didn't answer that question for me and but I left it I thought there's no need to panic leave it another week or two never still haven't received my documents maybe I should call them and ask them about it so a couple of weeks at my and I was growing more and more concerned about the documents still hadn't received them and so on the 8th of January I contacted UK VI and I called the number which did cost me a lot of money that was definitely well worth it as I had a helpful guy on the other end of the phone who said that he would ask you eight the issue well it's escalated it.

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