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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Are Form 8815 Topic

Instructions and Help about Are Form 8815 Topic

Choosing a topic in developing a research question are the first steps in the research process in some cases you'll be assigned a topic in other cases you'll get to choose your own whether or not you choose your own topic you need to make sure your topic is focused a focused topic is manageable and much easier to mold into a research question if your topic is too broad you can easily become overwhelmed and have difficulty finding relevant information for writing your paper if your topic is too narrow or obscure you may find too little information and not have enough to write a paper both of these circumstances are extremely frustrating so how do you come up with a manageable research topic a helpful way to add some focus to your topic is to think of the four WS associated with it who what where and when let's say your topic is video games video games is a really broad topic so you'll want to add some focus to it use the four w's to get focused if you want to find information from within the last ten years this will respond to the when aspect of your topic where allows you to limit your research by location or geography let's say you want to focus on the USA if you are interested in researching whether playing video games influences violent behavior violence will fill the what category the who aspect of your topic will allow you to identify the person or population you would like to study we'll use children for this example by responding to the four WS and focusing on what aspects of this topic you would like to research you can form your research question a good research question in this case would...