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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Are Form 8815 Transaction

Instructions and Help about Are Form 8815 Transaction

I all welcome to another video in which we would learn how to analyze all transaction report basically what we want to do is we would like to go ahead and understand at any given period what is the the successful transaction percentage for that duration of thing so let's get started all right so as you as you log into the administrative console for transaction manager you you basically see this is the home screen now in order to go ahead and download the report we scroll down to all transaction report which is appearing on the left hand side so once you once you click on all transaction report you get an option to choose the particular bank or issuer for which you will be running the report since this is a test setup so I would be keeping that as all issuers and I would need to select the protocol version and then let's run this report for the past six months however if you notice the screen there is a filter by hour and minutes as well wherein in a particular day you can still break it down to hour and minute for for the report and then run a statistics on that so now that I have selected from the month of July until November so I'll go ahead and press the export button the moment I do that the report is getting downloaded and as you can see I get an option to save the report and then the report is getting downloaded we have finished the report has completed completely downloaded now and I'm going ahead and opening this so typically the Excel will will pick the CSV file and and display it on the screen right it is so what I'm going to do is I'm going to go ahead and delete these first seven rows and now that I have the complete reports I'm selecting all the cells here and I'll go ahead and put a pig vote on on this data so in order to do that I go and click on insert on the top tab and then the option pivot table okay and then I go ahead and select the entire rows and columns and I press ok and this is the page where I get where I can go ahead and select the topics on the keyboard so what I would do is I would keep the transaction type in the rows and the transaction status I would go ahead and drag it to the column and I would go ahead and put the proxy pan in the values moment I do that I get a vote data or something like this now in order to go ahead and calculate let's say the success percentage so I'll go ahead and do a quick formula over here so typical success percentage would be two thousand seven hundred and fourteen transactions divided by a total of sixteen thousand six hundred and sixty two and that should give me the decimal figure of the successful percentage I'll go ahead and and put this value in percentage format and there you see the successful percentage appearing so keeping in mind this is a test setup so so you may see very low transaction count and also the percentage bearing likewise the unavailable percentage we will go ahead and do a quick percentage of that so we select the cell versus the grand total value and then that gives us the total percentage of unavailable and similarly if we can go ahead and do that for all the all the transaction statuses any stands for abundant so hope this this video was helpful in to know how we can go ahead and create a pivot where and we can go ahead and quickly know the the success failed and unavailable percentage at a given period of time for more detailed information about this topic click the information button in the top right corner or to load the product page from there you can go to the product demonstration visit the CA communities or see the Learning Path thank you for watching.

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