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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Can Form 8815 Attach

Instructions and Help about Can Form 8815 Attach

By touching your baby at the breast Music breast feeding is a natural and it's also a skill that can take some time and practice to learn the key to successful breastfeeding is good attachment if your baby is attached deeply to your breast she will get more milk and breastfeeding will be more comfortable this video will show how to deeply attach your baby and how to tell if she is attached well there is a common misunderstanding the babies get milk by simply sucking on the nipple like a straw if your baby is only attached to your nipple she will get very little milk but when she takes more of your breast in her mouth your milk will come more easily how you attach your baby to the breast is important for her ability to feed effectively and for you to make enough milk for her growing needs a look inside the baby's mouth will show who I when the baby takes a big mouthful of breast with the nipple pointed to the roof of the mouth the nipple reaches a comfortable area deep in the baby's mouth with the nipple deeper in his mouth he is able to suckle more effectively triggering the milk to flow good attachment is the key to breastfeeding success in contrast in a shallow attachment the nipple is centered in the baby's mouth which is not wide open the nipple lands under the hard roof of the mouth as the baby sucks the nipple gets pinched this is painful and may injure the nipple the baby is also unable to suck effectively and so cannot get much milk what steps can you take to help your baby attach deeply first breastfeed in the first hours after birth healthy babies have instinctual...