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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Can Form 8815 Download

Instructions and Help about Can Form 8815 Download

Welcome back guys this is an interesting it all on understanding the significance of 26 s rather actually in this tutorial only viewing the 26 a is using income tax website so first of all I am just assuming that you all have registered with the income tax website if you all have not please look at tutorial 1 which is what the same secondly if you understand the income tax website the process I mean the first process is like knowing your income source so for knowing my income source 26 is in the wonderful statement so how do we go about downloading 26 years so we will be looking at all that but first and foremost I just wanted you all to understand the journey of income tax filing so here you can see applicant first of all needs to register at income tax website only post registering at income tax website can he basically download 26 years and once he downloads 26 years and everything it is then very important that he fills itea one idea to idea 3 white here for whatever is applicable to his caves and fills that and then like generates XML uploads it online but you can understand the step 2 of downloading 26 years is very critical so let's go and see how it's done okay so I have a tutorial format I mean I am just giving them voice to the video tutorial because otherwise there is some latency so let us play this part there was some stupid you know is coming there it's my mom was anyways now you can see that we have entered the income tax website and inside the income tax website basically we have this view form 26 s at the left hand side so once we click that we are prompted to enter our login credentials so put in your pan number as user ID then you pass in the password the one password which you had created while creating account for the income tax website then you put in your date of birth once you put in your date of birth and everything and click on the submit button now I mean I have just messed up with my password but if I do it rightly there you go you will be prompted with the screen which shows you that view form 26 years and everything so you simply need to click on confirm you once you click on that confirm thing then you will be prompted to a TDS trace website which will basically have a bottom name connect linking you to the view form 26 years inside this page you basically simply need to select the assessment here select the format in which you want the form 26 years to be and then click on view download and if you are using a Chrome browser it gets reflected at the bottom part of the screen so actually I will just restore it I will log in just reassure this part you simply need to select the assessment here select a PDF download and now the 26 years has been downloaded here when you open it please don't get confused by this form ii was already open when you try to open this 126 is which is this basically this form which you seen right now it will prompt you for a password and the password will be your date of birth okay so this form 26 s is basically a collection of your income details it shows I mean the various tax detected at sources by different detector so it's a some collection of you know whether if your company has detected tax if the bank has detected tax if you have paid tax as a matter of fact like your self-assessment tax or something like that I mean all those details are actually populated inside the form 26 a s so right now what I will do is just give the video break and show you my reel 26 years so this is basically my reel 26 years this is available from the website so you can see how neatly it comes so the steps remain the same I mean just go to the website click on view form 26 years will be directing it to a tedious trace website after you have it on the confirm button and then you can basically do it and this 126 a is nothing but it's basically a summarized statement showing all taxes which have been deducted and source or like your taxes which you have paid if you have paid self-assessment tax or something it will get reflected here so fully this is now sinking in what I will do is I will just take it back a bit so what we did just to recap we went inside the website we clicked on view form 26 a s so what it prompted us was like it arched has to give our login credentials we put our login credentials that is user ID pan number and then we clicked on the continue button it then took us to a screen like this and it had a confirm button here it basically tells us that you will be directed to some tedious web site tedious EPC website for the 26 years just click on confirm once it click on confirm you will be presented with the tedious trace website and a link to download your form 26 years once you click on that you select this s media select the format in which you want and then you have found 26 a s at the bottom screen so once you do all that then form 26 es gets downloaded and you can practically then view it and understand your source of income so inside the income tax website when you see the three steps which they have listed out for filing.

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