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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Can Form 8815 Filing

Instructions and Help about Can Form 8815 Filing

How can I get a patent in India for my project idea or concept? This is the most common question raised in the minds of someone who becomes interested in knowing more about patents in India and the protection of their invention. You may be a business owner with an idea or product to patent, a research scientist with a new concept or formula to patent, a professional or an employee with a new idea for software or a business method to be patented, a master's or PhD holder with a research project to be patented, or a student with the intent to learn more about patents and how they can protect your ideas. The word "patent" continues to be the most searched word in the business, research, and development community for more information and guidance. Now, in this very short video, you will get a hold of this techno little and exciting subject areas covered: what is a patent? Is my idea, project, or product patentable? How can I apply for a patent in India? Even though this video is informative and you might have read information on patents on websites, blogs, and in books, the best advice would be to get a patent agent or patent professional involved for writing and filing your patent application. You would be amazed to find out the value addition brought by a professional patent agent or patent attorney when working on your idea and filing a patent. Patent documents have a certain level of complexity involved, and having an experienced and professional guiding you through the process of getting your invention patented can make a large impact to an extent of in some cases, having the patent granted or being rejected. So let's start with what is a patent. A patent is a grant of...