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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Can Form 8815 Format

Instructions and Help about Can Form 8815 Format

How to make it easier to use a windle's design keyboard on your Mac now I know some of you are probably wondering why does Jeff have a Windows keyboard well the story is that I built a hackintosh as most of you probably know by now and I just had this laying around well the nice thing about this keyboard is that it actually is better for my wrist because I find the shallow key travel on the MacBook after typing for a long time messes with my wrist but there are some downsides as you can see here you have the traditional Windows layout for the modifier keys and the Windows key works as the command key on Mac and the Alt key works is the options key that's not a problem the problem is is that those two keys are reon the keyboard so the command key is first and then the option key comes next which messes with your muscle memory that you've built up over years of using your Mac so open system preferences click on keyboard and then click modify your keys in the bottom right hand corner select your keyboard from the drop down menu at the top so I'm choosing USB keyboard and now you can remap these options here so the control key is mapped to control which is normal but the option key we want to remap to the command key since that appears on the very right and the command key we want to remap to the options key and then click OK so now your keyboard layout is arranged in the exact way that it is arranged on your Mac so you don't have to try to retrain your muscle-memory I'm going to open up the app store...