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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Can Form 8815 Liability

Instructions and Help about Can Form 8815 Liability

One of my general questions was previously my arm pertaining to employment and income I've had 1099 contracts as an independent contractor as a field engineer and I just started a new employer and they're sending me documents like the i9 a state forms and a w-4 form and my question was how would I be able to proceed forward with uh just educating you know the account manager with the information that you educate everyone with in regards to law and enzyme okay now you told me a couple different things you said you get 1099 okay but then you call your employer so if you are 1099 in your independent contractor right well my new I just started a new job this the new company has sent in some hi this I nine form I guess that's for Homeland Security background check and I uh they're also sent me state withholding allowances and a w-4 form well here's the thing about it the i-9 form is a US Citizenship and Immigration Services form and it is used by them for Europe to verify an employee's identity and to establish that the worker is eligible to accept employment in the United States so but employees are still out W spores and he should let me choose it in the year not 1099 299 ever ended by the contractors right if ni content tonight as do not have this letter for iodine because they're not employed to begin with right except that's what I'm familiar with but I mean with this new place of employment that I'm starting to work for they're requesting for me to for fill out a w-4 form okay so you were a 1099 independent contractor and now this new company wants to become an employee and that's what they want just let it be ionized form correct okay I got it so now I got that issue cleared up what you question my friend uh how would I be able to continue to consider myself an employer or at least receive compensation for you know my my my time for experience with working with them without filing these forms have them hire you as an independent contractor come with a contrite of a contract that you work on that contract terms of the contractor that's the best way like you were a previous company so look I'm not an employee I don't want to be employee I'm a independent contractor and work out a kind of thing where you get paid more and better you better you perform and not so much basic about hours but these forms that type of thing builders that what you gotta do you gotta have be independent contractor just like you were before don't be an employee that's the key that's the key is which if it can be done that way to try that first because other than that I'm pretty confident the employer will require to fill out the form so they can verify that you are an American eligibility worker here you know with the immigration thing you know oh okay then my friend yes yes it does which I agree my chances you know a lot of advance one of them logical life is that there is no withholding from your pay you know about main care so sweetie tag to the before form but let me ask is your employer open to that possible do you think of you being independent contractor I haven't been able to speak to anyone in the Accounts Department up to actually consider that a possibility okay I'm able to help you with that process if you want - I think it's the key issue key point should spend your time energy getting that straight at work out as much as you can.

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