Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Can Form 8815 Mailed

Instructions and Help about Can Form 8815 Mailed

And hey everybody thanks for coming by the fat cat cleaner commie YouTube channel while you're here going ahead and click Subscribe you're going to get a bunch of great videos that will help you grow your business so today we're going to talk about every door direct meal it's the postal service's program where you save a little bit of money on delivering large amounts of fliers or postcards or whatever because they have you do some of the legwork it saves them time and you save money so you have to bundle your pieces a certain way you have to take them to the post office a certain way you have to fill out some paperwork and we're going to show you exactly how to do all of that stuff the first thing we'll do is take you through a screencast where you can watch me live pick a route pay for it I'll help you navigate the Postal Service's website and show you how to do all that stuff right after the screencast I will show you how to fill out the paperwork and how to bundle your mail pieces and it should make it a lot easier for you I mean you can read about it online and some people have written about it but I've never seen a really good video where somebody shows you exactly how to do it so hopefully this will help okay let's go to the screencast the easiest way to walk you through this is with a screencast I think you'll really benefit from watching somebody do this so go to this is the Postal Service's main website here their official site you'll want to sign up for an account up here it's easy and it's free so mine says hi Ross because I'm already signed in it'll probably say register or sign up or whatever just click on that follow the prompts it's really easy you'll be able to figure it out it will ask for a CR ID number a crib number you probably don't have one and if you do you probably don't know what it is you can actually leave that field empty when you sign up just ignore it when it asks for and it'll still let you sign up so here on the home page it's difficult to find anything about eddm it's pretty confusing I don't know why they do it this way but mouse-over business solutions and then come down here and click on try every door direct mail that will take you to this landing page where there's all kinds of information it's almost too much information and I think it's easier just to watch somebody do it that's why we're doing this screencast so click on use the tool now this takes you to the heart and soul of every door direct mail this is where you can look at different routes that you want to send your mail piece to and pay for them and order them and all of that so by default it has my starting location as this zip code for 603 seven the starting location is just like an organized way for them to take you someplace on the map where you can look at different routes and pick ones that you want to mail to and pay for it so you can enter a street address here you can enter a zip code like I have and you can also enter an intersection and it'll take you there on the map once you are where you want to be as far as a starting point you can mouse over the map here and these different routes pop up see all those purple dealios these are all different routes that you could opt to mail to should you desire another way to choose those routes is to come down here into this box that Scrolls up and down it's really just two ways to do the same thing you can even click on this and mail to the whole zip code if it will let you you can also come over here and play with demographics I won't get into that you can play around with that I don't use it because I know these neighborhoods well enough so let's just go ahead and buy a route here and you can see exactly how it works this looks as good as any to me so see this one that's highlighted purple I'm going to go ahead and click on that and and now it gives us the option to move along so I'll click Next now this is going to ask you when you want to drop your stuff off at the post office so it has to be bundled and all ready to go and we'll show you how to do that here in just a second I want my pieces to mail out like Monday Tuesday somewhere in there so I'm going to drop them off on Saturday it's extremely rare for them to go out on the same day that you drop them off I don't even know if they do it so I'm going to drop mine off on Saturday in the hopes that they'll go out on Monday so click Next going ahead and click that you understand you now owe your soul to the government and I'm going to pay online since I have an account setup there to have my card on file this is so easy it's redonk checkout yes I agree have to enter your little code now don't be trying to crack the code here people don't bite the hand that feeds so I'm now paying for that route place my order now we're good to go I just paid for it what do I do next see that there are four forms that you're going to need and they make it real.

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