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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Can Form 8815 Preparation

Instructions and Help about Can Form 8815 Preparation

Alright let's go ahead and get started with the super easy beginners version of this tutorial you're going to need some fabric I'm using this non stretched medium weight fabric I got from Walmart for a dollar a yard an elastic band marking shop straight pins thread and a pair of jeans that you like the fit on does it matter what cut if they're skinning your boot cut it's okay and iron a yardstick an ironing board and of course your sewing machine you can sew this by hand it will just take a lot longer to get started I have one long piece of fabric that's about three and a half yards long and I folded that over and I lined it up nice and neat on the sport here the board I got from Walmart for like five dollars super cheap but it make sure that all of my lines are straight you can see I have it lined up here and along the top so when I cut everything is nice and neat especially you guys a little more detail on how I have the fabric place and you can see here that there's two layers here and that'll make up one of your pant leg with two sides and then there's two layers here and this will make up the other pant leg I do have it folded to where this is the open side this is actually going to be where you so you're inside seen the way we're doing this you only have to sew on the inside the outside of your pants is going to be folded over like this so that'll sleep that outside and more seam of your pants without actually having to sell it down then you go ahead and let your genes on your fabric the same way that you have your fabric place so you want your inside seam to be facing the open layers and your outside seam of your jeans to be facing the folded layers and I left about two and a half inches or so of space this is non stretch fabric like when I pull it up it'll fit over my waist and then I also left enough to hit my fabric at the bottom if you're using a stretch fabric like Jersey you don't need to leave as much space on the side next thing you'll do is go ahead and start marking from your crotch seam and work your way up and I just trace around it leaving a little bit of room for my seam allowance and I'll just work my way up here if you're going to do a pair pants that fit at your natural waist you can stop right here and extend your mark over just make sure you leave enough room for your seam allowance but since I'm doing a high waist pair of pants I'm going to extend mine all the way up to the end of my fabric and I extend out the crotch seam a little bit - you're going to go ahead and take your yardstick and Mark a straight line all the way down to the bottom of your pan I'm just showing you a close-up of what my marking looks like once you've done that you're ready to go ahead and cut your fabric out you can pin it down if you need to with Dorothea fabric it might help this is what it'll look like once you have it cut out once you unfold your two pieces you can see here you'll have two pant legs next thing you're going to do is go ahead and unfold your fabric so that the right sides are facing the right side you can see that here you want to go ahead and line your fabric up you can pin it to it that will help you just make sure that it's nice and neat but basically you want to sew from your crotch seam right here all the way down to the bottom of your pants so take that to your machine go ahead and sew down you wanna do your back stitch sew all the way down and do your back stitch again you're going to do that for both of your pant legs this is what they're going to look like when you're done and now you are ready to go ahead and attach them you're going to kind of open that up a little bit and you want one of your pant legs to be inside-out and you want this one to be folded the right way the one that's folded the right way you're going to tuck it inside of the other pant leg from here you just want to line up the center point of your crotch seams and I just like to make sure that's nice and neat and you're going to go ahead and get your pins and start pinning from there these things right here basically are going to be the top front theme in the top vaccine of your pin so I'm going to show you just pinning down one side but you do want to pin down both sides of the fabric to make sure they are nice to meet when you do take them to your sewing machine once you're at your sewing machine go ahead and go down and back stitch the center part is curved so it can be a little tricky just take your time and work slowly around the curve when you're done you can go ahead and pull the pant leg out and you guys can see here what it'll look like end up with a nice wide leg or a Palazzo leg go ahead and fold them to the right way and try them on don't worry if they look a little bit kind of like clown pants it's okay once you.

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