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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Can Form 8815 Pub

Instructions and Help about Can Form 8815 Pub

What's happening everybody today we're talking about curved concrete countertops how about a curved bar top let's make something cool Music adding curves to your concrete can add a dramatic yet elegant look so we're gonna just jump right into making this mold so we're gonna start by talking about the material we're gonna use so the key to this project is gonna be using a material called white board it's similar to mail me what's got a nice plastic finish on it but instead of being a particle board substrate it's a hard board substrate making it nice and flexible you get those smooth subtle curves for our mold Applause Music let's cut the base to a more manageable size then rip to strips at an inch and a half of it we need to make a cardboard template and I'm going to show you how to do that simply by using a nail and a string I'm going to show you guys an old trick first you're going to tie a little loop on the end of your string you take one of these really cool clamps you're gonna clamp it down at the end of the table right at the edge you're gonna draw your line along the bench Music now we can hang our tape measure right in the end and then we're going to make our two marks where's our inner and our outer radius in this case our radius is three foot six inches 9/16 our outer radius is two foot five inches and eleven sixteenths insert a 16 penny nail through the loop drive the nail into the ground and this will be our pivot point for the string then position a marker at the marks you made and draw their arc Music Music also don't go leaving nails in your driveway simply cut the template out with a rnow that we have our cardboard template cut out in our base cut all we have to do is trace our template now that we have our template traced I like to start by attaching the straight ends first that will give our flexible pieces something to attach themselves on to I like to use a pilot drill with a countersink and drill one inch deep Music then screw an inch and a quarter SPAC screw into the base clamp the other side down and repeat now we're going to make several anchor blocks made from your scrap Music place the blocks just behind the curved lines about a foot apart and attach them however you want Music I know you're watching me do a lot of tedious steps but I promise the juice is worth the squeeze rip one and a half inch strips of the flexible hard board and attach them at both ends using brand nails or screws but do not use Brad's or screws on the anchor points we're going to use rapid set flexible construction adhesive to secure and seal the hard board to our anchor points instead of using mechanical fasteners this will avoid any nasty holes on the inside of our mold turn the mold around and repeat I promise this is all totally gonna make sense in the end Music that's pretty much it we have our sides secured we have our flexible sides sealed and secured it's pretty much ready to go at this point but uh I want to take it just one step further we're gonna get all Pinterest e up in here we're gonna make our concrete countertop just a little bit more visually appealing we're just gonna give it a little more it's just by simply adding a little trim so let's go to our local Home Center and let's go check out their molding I'll check out this aisle there are a hundred different profiles to choose from check it out Music we're going to use polystyrene Cove molding for our project but the cove to one side of the mold and temporarily clamp it to the edge using spring clamps and mark the cut run a bead of rapidset flexible construction adhesive and clamp in place spring clamps will save your life in the only cost of dollar piece Music for the side we just want to tack it in place because we're going to remove it after the first pour I cut a cove joint at the end of this piece I'll explain how to cut Cove joints in a later video Music who it is cold outside it's about 19 degrees outside I made sure that two of these bags stayed inside overnight to warm up a little bit got myself some warm water Music spray them all down with wd-40 and wipe off the excess Music if I plan on using a design I will either print or draw my design on a sheet of paper laminate it for durability and cut it out with a rnow just sprinkle dry sanded grout over the design the wd-40 will help the design stay in place for detailed instructions on how to mix rapid set mortar mix just click on the link above or watch my how to make a concrete countertop in one hour video Music don't forget the flow control this is gonna make your life so much easier Music pour the mortar mix in a spot that won't disturb your design and be ginger about it the nice wet mix will flow right over the grout if your mix is too thick it'll push you to design all over the place and don't forget to tap those bubbles out depending on temperatures you should be able to take your concrete countertop out of the mold in one hour Music Music yeah Music now we got to get this cleaned up and ready for pour number two since we're going to make a mirror image of the first lab remove the Left Cove.

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