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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Can Form 8815 Reform

Instructions and Help about Can Form 8815 Reform

Hi I'm John Green this is crash-course US history and today we're going to talk about progressives no Stan progressives yes you know like these guys who used to want to bomb the means of production but also less radical progressive mr. green mr. green are we talking about like tumblr progressives where it's half discussions of misogyny and half high contrast images of pizza because if so I can get behind that from the past you're anachronism is showing your internet was green letters on a black screen but no the progressive era was not like tumblr however I will argue that it did indirectly make tumblr and therefore J log gift sets possible so that's something so some of the solutions that progressives came up with to deal with issues of inequality and injustice don't seem terribly progressive today and also it kind of overlapped with the Gilded Age and progressive implies like progress presumably progress toward freedom and justice which is hard to argue about an era that involved one of the great restrictions of freedom in American history prohibition so maybe we shouldn't call it the Progressive Era at all I got stamped whatever trolled the intro so if the Gilded Age was the period when American industrial capitalism came into its own and people like Mark Twain began to criticize its associated problems then the Progressive Era was the age in which people actually tried to solve those problems through individual and group actions as the economy change progressives also had to respond to a rapidly changing political system the population of the US was growing and its economic power was becoming ever more concentrated and sometimes progressives responded to this by opening up political participation and sometimes by trying to restrict the vote the thing is broad participatory democracy doesn't always result in effective government he said sounding like the Chinese national Communist Party and that tension between wanting to have government for of and by the people and wanting to have government that's like good at governing kind of defined the Progressive Era and also our era but progressives who were most concerned with the social problems that revolved around industrial capitalist society and most of these problems weren't new by 1900 but some of the responses were companies and later corporations had a problem that had been around at least since the 1880s they needed to keep costs down and profits high in a competitive market and one of the best ways to do this was to keep wages low hours long and conditions appalling your basic house self situation just getting ourselves didn't get wages also by the end of the 19th century people started to feel like these large monopolistic industrial combinations the so-called Trust's were exerting too much power over people's lives the 1890s saw federal attempts to deal with these trusts such as the Sherman Antitrust Act but overall the federal government wasn't where most progressive changes were made for instance there was muckraking a form of journalism in which reporters would find some muck and break its mass circulation magazines realized they could make money by publishing expose zuv industrial and political abuse so they did now it's time for the mystery document I bet it involves muck the rules here are simple I guess the author of the mystery document I'm either correct or I get shocked let a man so much as scrape his finger pushing a truck in the pickle rooms and all the joints and his fingers might be eaten by the acid one by one of the butchers and floorman the beef boners and trimmers and all those who used knives you could scarcely find a person who had the use of his thumb time and time again the base of it had been slashed till it was a mere lump of flesh against which the man pressed the knife to hold it they would have no nails they had worn them off pulling hides Wow well now I am hyper aware of and grateful for my thumbs they are just in excellent shape I am so glad Stan that I am NOT a beef boner at one of the meatpacking factories written about in the jungle by upton sinclair no shock for me no Stan I can only imagine how long and hard you've worked to get the phrase beef boner into this show and you finally did it congratulations by the way just a little bit of trivia the jungle was the first book I ever read that made me vomit so that's a review I don't know if it's positive but there you go anyway at the time readers of the jungle were more outraged by descriptions of rotten meat than by the treatment of meatpacking workers the jungle led to the Pure Food and Drug Act and The Meat Inspection Act of 1906 that's pretty cool for upton sinclair although my books have also led to some federal legislation such as the howl which officially declared hazel and Augustus the nation's OTP so to be fair writers have been describing the harshness of industrial capitalism for decades so muckraking wasn't really that new but the use of photography for documentation was Lewis Hine for instance photographed child laborers and factories and mines bringing Americans face to face with the more than 2 million children under the age of 15 working for wages and hines photos help bring about laws that limited child labor but even more important than the writing and photographs and magazines when it came to improving conditions for workers was twitter what's that there was no Twitter still what is this 1812 all right so apparently still without Twitter workers had to organize into unions to get corporations to produce ours and raise their pay also some employers started to realize on their own that one way to mitigate some of the problems of.

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