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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Can Form 8815 Worksheet

Instructions and Help about Can Form 8815 Worksheet

Hi guys my name is mitts and I just want to show you how to make a simple spreadsheet in Excel that will add up your columns automatically and stuff like that now I'm using Microsoft Excel 2022 but some of the things can apply to 2022 or 2022 or whatever so you should be right okay so what I'm going to do first is click in the box here so just say for an example that we're just going to make a little spreadsheet on how much money I like a small business can make so let's just call it a coffee van se and we're just going to do the sales for each month okay okay so basically that's the title for it now what we're going to do is go down to the first box now I'm just going to quickly show you a simple one so we're going to go January now what I'm going to do is drag this box across and it'll fill it in for me okay so January February March April May okay so it filled it in for me that's fine okay so down the side I'm going to write some products that the coffee van sells so we've got coffee oops that's not meant to be there wait a minute it's just coffee right cake now this is going to be how much we sell in in dollars okay so hot food what else can you sell it a coffee van I'm just trying to think just say doughnuts okay all right so we've got four things there so in January just say I sold $1,200 with a coffee $300 with a cakes 500 of hot food and 400 of doughnuts okay so we'll just fill the table in so these would be your actual takings that you've got so just so for an example we'll fill it in right so now we've got our table filled out now you'd usually use the right you know takings or whatever but that's fine okay so what we're going to do now is we're going to make a column down here and call it totals okay so we want the totals of these columns to show up down the bottom here so I'm going to drag this along totally there so it looks like that's where it's got to be and I'm going to go up the top and look for this little symbol here this sum it's call to autosum so if you've got an earlier version you'll just see a little icon so I'm going to press on it if I go back down you can see that it's added up my totals for me okay now at this stage I can also because I've got it selected at the moment I might make it bold to make the totals stand out and also I think I might I don't want to underline it but I want to put a line over the top of it so let's just say I come to this little box here and it gives me all these options so I'm going to go top border okay so now it's going to have a top border right and also I might just bold that there these so let's just color this while we're here since it's selected so go up to this little bucket here and you can see a few choices here so let's color the total section and we can color these as well okay so if you just select all of those and just get them a little bit a different shade to the other one there we go now we put totals down here as well we can select all of these and make them a different color what color do we want to make them we don't want to be too fancy okay so now I want to fix up this title here and I want it to move to the center of all of these okay I don't want it stuck over there so what I'm going to do is start here and I'm going to drag with my left finger on the button I'm going to be selecting all of those and I'm going to go up the top and say merge and center so it's got it there and while I've got it selected I'm going to bold it okay and maybe we can make it red or whatever you want it doesn't really look good red but do you know what I'm saying okay right let's just make it a coffee color or something like that the other thing is well we can put the background behind it or whatever you want so let's let's put a background behind it and then change the text back to black okay so we have a table forming here which is looking quite good this here would look good like that I suppose you know just give it a bit of a jazz you can do the same thing here color those up a bit and also make them bold okay so you've got kind of a thing happening around here now also you can color those titles those totals I haven't even totaled that column I was going to put a total column here so if you wanted to you don't have to and the same thing applies here we just select all these and we can also come down here and we go up to the autosum and press on it and now we've got all those columns totaled all the rows totaled up okay and the columns are total downwards and then that real total is here so in theory all these should add up the same as all this okay so this is the absolute total right there so you can jazz it up and make it stand out a bit okay now this.

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