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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Fill Form 8815 Amend

Instructions and Help about Fill Form 8815 Amend

Hello this video is to help you with filling in our application form a p1 which is one of the most common forms you need to use when you're dealing with us it's used for a lot of different types of application to change the register I'm not going to try and cover all of these only how to complete the form generally depending on the type of application that you're going to make you might need to refer to some of the other guidance that we have on our website so this video is only going to help you with filling in the routine parts of the form if you need help on what information to put in you will need to seek legal advice if you decide to employ a solicitor they may be able to lodge your application electronically this is quicker and more secure you must use this form if you want to make an application to change something on the register and here are some examples a change of ownership you might want to add a partner's name or you might want to take someone's name off or you might just want to change the actual names on the register perhaps due to the fact that you've got married and your name has changed or you've paid off your mortgage and you want to remove it from the register or perhaps an owner has died and you want to register the person who has inherited the property known as the beneficiary as the new owner if you want us to make a note in your register of the death of one of the joint owners you can fill in our form DJP in all other cases you must fill in form a p1 and send it to us together with any documents supporting the application sometimes though particularly if there is a mortgage involved your lender may insist that you use a solicitor to deal with your application you won't be able to lodge it yourself you can download any of our forms from our website when you send us an AP one there isn't usually a need to send a covering letter as well but if there's something you want to explain or clarify that isn't covered in the form you can do so I'll now take you through how to fill out the form a p1 panel one here you put down the local authority which serves your property so this will be the county borough the unitary authority the District Council or the London borough that you pay your council tax panel two here you put in the title number of the property when we register a property it's given a unique Land Registry reference number which is a bit like a car registration number we call it a title number and this ensures that it can't be confused with other land and other properties it's shown at the top of the first page of the title register and it's also on the title plan when you write to us it's important to give us the title number this will help us find the relevant file or documents quickly and then we will know that we're dealing with the right property if you're the owner of the property you might have a note of the title number in the papers that your solicitor sent you when you bought it if you're not the owner or you don't know the title number have a look at our website for how you can get this information from us panel 3 the application effects most straightforward applications will affect the whole of your property so just take the first box panel for application priority and fees here's where you list the applications that you're making to us so for example transfer change of name you have to list each application separately using one line for each application in the example that we're going to use in this video we're going to fill in the form for an application where Mrs Smith is adding her husband's name to the ownership but he isn't paying her any money for it she also doesn't have a mortgage so we put in the panel transfer by way of gift if however you're buying your property for money and you're applying to register the transfer you'll need to put how much is being paid for it in this panel in our example as the transfer is not for money we fill it in with how much the property is worth based on today's current market value for the purpose of this video we will say the value is 450,000 pounds if you are sending in an application where the fee isn't based on any price paid or value just leave that part blank information about the correct fee to pay for the application can be found on website so to go back to our example of mrs. Smith she's adding her husband's name to the ownership they intend to hold the shares in the property equally ie 50/50 because no money is changing hands the fee is payable under scale two of our current fee order the fee is calculated by taking the full market value of the property and dividing it by the number of shares in the property so in our example there are two shares one each for mr. and mrs. Smith as the property is worth four hundred and fifty thousand pounds each share is worth two hundred and twenty five thousand pounds so this is what our fee should be based on you could also fill in the price paid value column with the value of the share two hundred and twenty five thousand pounds so long as you make it clear that it is a share and not the full market value this is so we can check that you've paid the right.

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