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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Fill Form 8815 App

Instructions and Help about Fill Form 8815 App

What's up guys bring her back with another video today I'm gonna be showing again set the chrome autofill so let's get started here we go so this video is requested by one of our subscribers and whose name is Manohar so if you have anything which you want me to make video on so you guys can do please recommend and I will definitely write web that's what I'm sure so let's get started so what's falling into open google chrome you need to go to settings right here and then you're going to go to show advanced settings and in here we will find passwords and forms and here we need to enable autofill and click manage out of the settings I have this already so I will just delete this you guys can also delete this if I have one already set up you can also add a credit card so first of all we will said add new enters like let's say add wait a second I'm speeding things up to save up here some time so I've just finished shelling up everything and now what I will do is I will just click OK and there we go and we have had a pretty much that's pretty much it let's check it what this thing does is as soon as you enter your name in any of the forms like purchasing something online through fresh flash sales as this video is requested this video is requested on the flash sale of the lotto which is for free yes you can get a lot too for free you can get the link of the video in the top right and also in the description section so first of all let's check it let's go to Amazon and let me speed things up and take you to the checkout of it so as you guys can see here I'm at the checkout page and I have a dress saved already so I don't want to show them to you for obvious reasons and I was just typing my name here P and here you can see it shows something a 1 2 3 address and as soon as I click here you can see everything is filled automatically it is mobile number and pin code and address and State down everything so that will save a lot of your time when you're going with flash sales in ordered I think if you don't want to lose item so this is a much you can do this so that's pretty much it that's it for this video guys if this video helped then be sure to that thumbs up button if you dislike the better than this like the video if that makes sense and also do comment if you have any queries and if you have anything to make me a video on that and to subscribe to my channel for more coming updates we have a lot of tech stuff coming up and that's what I changed I hope you liked the video and I will catch you guys in the next one jaian vandemataram.

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