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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Fill Form 8815 Audit

Instructions and Help about Fill Form 8815 Audit

Hi I'm rich Bora the careers consultant at Nottingham Trent University in this film we're going to have a look at auditing your employability skills so firstly why do we need to audit our skills well your degree alone isn't always enough as many graduate drops will need to demonstrate general skills and evidence of what you've done in and out of the classroom rather than just specific subject knowledge and this is where the phrase transferable skills comes from so how do you audit your skills well firstly think about the skills that you need in any workplace here are some examples of kinds of things you might need but remember that certain jobs may require specific technical skills for example computer aided design or maybe a professional accreditation next choose which of these skills that you may be able to offer and try and think of examples of when you've put them into practice a good way of doing this would be to draw a table with two columns on the left hand side show your skill and on the right hand side examples of when you've used it here's some examples that we prepared earlier note that these can come from any particular work any placements and internships that you've done they could come from your studies or they could come from social or sporting activities now have a think about how you can really add some detail to make your skills audit that much more substantial the star technique is a really useful tool to talk about what you've done and illustrate the skills you have used in the process star stands for situation so where were you task which was what did you have to do action how did you handle the situation what did you actually do and finally result what was the outcome so for example I was working in a coffee shop when a customer shattered one of my colleagues which meant either burst into tears as a supervisor I had to take charge of the situation and so I told my colleague to go to staff rooms puts the customer in a calm tone of voice to find out what the problem was turns out the custom was unhappy at having a long hyouta way for her coffee and I explained that we were short-staffed which is why she had to cube due to my intervention the customer then calmed down an offer to apologize to my colleague and I offered her a free refill for the inconvenience you can see here how using the star technique shows how you managed to generate a nice positive outcome as a result of your own specific actions okay so it's your turn to have a go now you've can identify the skills employers want you can audit your own skills and we've looked out to give examples to illustrate skills if you want to get in touch with us then here's how you can do so.

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