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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Fill Form 8815 Brokerage

Instructions and Help about Fill Form 8815 Brokerage

Hello everybody this is scott woods today we're going to be talking about how to obtain your freight broker authority to become licensed to but be a property broker with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration a lot of people will contact me on a weekly basis wanting to know about becoming a freight broker and we do pra lot of freight broker training you know we show people actually how to do the job things of that nature but a lot of people are going to do this on their own as far as filing for their freight broker Authority well I'll show you how to get your freight broker Authority for free don't pay anybody to do this you are wasting your money if you pay an agency to fill out these forms for you because it is very quick it's very simple it does not require anything on your part all right so we're going to go over the application right now and then all you'll have to do is submit your filing fees get your surety bond and you'll be a broker at least in title only alright you will have the title of a broker then when you want to learn how to actually make money in the industry and broker Freight you you need to contact me because there is no one better I've forgotten more things about brokering Freight than most people will ever learn I'll show you how to make a hundred grand plus a year and this in your first year out alright so what we're looking at here is form op1 you can google this form and you will type in on google form op1 it's the application for motor property property carrier and broker authority you will fill out this form if you want to get your own operating authority as an owner operator or if you want to get your own operating authority as a property broker now in today's video we're going to talk about just the brokerage part alright I'll make another one of these for owner operators later on well we're going to go over what's got to be filled out what needs to be placed in the boxes etcetera and then you can hit the road running well right here we're going to look at section one all right section one is going to cover you know your general information now basically you're going to see here section one is applicant information do you now have authority from or an application being processed by the FMCSA well if you've already got some type of application under review with them things of that nature then what you will do is actually put that MC number that you've already been granted or FF number or maybe even your do T number if you don't have anything just leave it blank click no and go to the next question the second part of the section one is your legal business name well whatever legal business name that you have with your corporation and if you do not have a corporation you should have one or an LLC all right so you would go to and in item two put your legal business name in there now you see in the representation here it's mmm fifty six logistics LLC then you go to question three which is your doing business as name well this person has chosen to do business as Yankee Clipper logistics well then you have to put down your principal address where your business is going to be located that would be your street name city state zip code phone and fax number now this gentleman is going to be conducting business at one East 161st Street in the Bronx in New York now for all you Yankee fans out there you'll know that that's Yankee Stadium and the business is going to be once again Yankee Clipper logistics so you could pretty much guess who the applicants name is going to be if you're a baseball fan well his mailing address is a Pio box in the Bronx that's where he's going to get all of his mail from the FMCSA it's going to get his checks from people he's doing business with well the representative name and that would be you who is filling out this application in this case it's Joe DiMaggio he's the owner of the business that's his title in item 17 his street name in number one East 161st Street in the Bronx with the telephone number and fax number in there now at this point in time you'll go down to the rest of the application and you'll see item number 24 and I'll highlight this for you right there item number 24 is going to ask for a USDOT number if you do not have a USDOT number put none all right the form of business that you will have is it going to be a corporation or an LLC and what state well you would check that box but your state if you're going to be a sole proprietor and operate under your own name and social security number you would put that now I would strongly advise you against that that's just complete insanity if you do so now we're done with the first section now even with my talking and walking you through it that's going to take you all of about two minutes right there when somebody walks you through it now if you do it by yourself and just use this as a guide you can have that done in about less than a minute now let's go to our type of operating authority that's section two I'll scroll up just to keep it big on the screen here for you you're going to choose broker of property accept household goods now 99.9% of the freight brokers out there are.

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