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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Fill Form 8815 Cardholder

Instructions and Help about Fill Form 8815 Cardholder

Okay cool so what I'm going to do here is show you guys how to actually use that free document that I sent you so just uh ignore this let me show you so go to Google Drive it's just drive google.com and it's free so if you don't have like word you have word or you prefer like document editing program you can definitely do that but I want everybody to be able to do this because not everybody has word or has enough people are going to have Mac or PC so really simple drive.google.com you're going to get new go to Google Docs so of course you need to make a google account like a gmail account to be able to get to this but anyways now so let's say you have your document downloaded right and I I'm gonna say for example you have it like right here right really simple you have it in your somewhere you can copy it right so you have the document you can kind of copy here oops you're just gonna copy it like this take the text grab everything copy put it over here now this is how this work obviously you going to put in basic stuff right so Joe Schmoe and then Joe lives at one two three four easy three in Beverly Hills California nine oh two one oh and his phone number is three one zero five five five five five five his social is also so you get to point different those in one two three four five six seven eight nine and he was born on one one mm let's just put 18 seventy cool so notice here that you have the this is going to be one of the credit bureaus addresses and I'm going to have actually I think what I'm going to do is I'm going to put all three in here and you can just delete each one accordingly right so so when I give this to you it's actually going to have let's see so transient is right here experience right so I'll here's transient at the bottom it's kind of weird so just make sure that you have the right one here which will when you're in a send it to your credit reporting agency please provide evidence the following account belongs in our port and that rights have not been abrogated in the event no record exists please delete this from damaging my account now you're going to get the account name from like I said you're going to go to freecreditreport.com right so I'm actually going to let's even go there myself how would I be able to give you guys okay so those good is Phoenix credit chick total credit chick total calm until they mess it up okay chick Cotto and belonging well we're not doing that right now so anyway get your free credit Chazz that I'm going to be it's a one dollar credit report from credit check total now when you get this you're actually going to see a breakdown of your account if you have any negative or derogatory account that's what this letter is for to remove those now they could be correct it could be incorrect don't worry about that I'm not here to tell you oh you can't dispute it if it's not correct you have the right to dispute it and if you just take it off it gets taken off right I don't recommend paying it off because they still keep it on there and you have to send the letter called pay for deletion it's really hard sometimes they don't comply so don't pay it off even if it's yours you messed up you're now trying to get your credit back in order so you want to send out this letter just making sure that they have to provide the four things that actually are valid with this account so that they can report it to the credit bureaus you're going to send this letter out to all three of the bureaus now I give this letter for free so what you're going to do is edit each one put the correct account number or numbers you can do 22 at a time I believe so put the put the correct account number and don't worry about when you're when you're looking at the account number it's actually going to have like it's going to say like 1 2 7 8 9 - 5 5 whatever and then what's going to happen is you're going to have a lot of hash marks or little X's like this and it's not going to give you the whole account the accounts always blocked out I don't think I've ever had a report show me all the numbers on there don't worry about that they know how to verify because obviously they have your name they have everything out they know how to verify this account with yours just about a few numbers and digits that you have in this letter so you're now going to you can delete this see you can delete this so note the above letter is for a blank dispute but works for all four kids we replaced the name and address to transient experience based on it let's go so delete all this right and then you can go right here it's actually going to say you're going to put at the bottom I would recommend to put this a little X period and this is where you're going to print in time all right so do another one right there and these will be edited a little bit better by the time you get it I just kind of want to make it tutorial to show you like how to fill it out how to use it right so we've got the account you want to change this.

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