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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Fill Form 8815 Cashed

Instructions and Help about Fill Form 8815 Cashed

Music hey guys welcome back to my channel this is gonna be a really quick impromptu video I just sat down to fill out money orders I normally get my money orders from the local post office which personally I find those ones to be a lot easier to figure out how to fill out not that money orders are that difficult but today since its veteran today the local post office was closed so I had to go to Walmart to get my money orders through the their money center whatever anyways I sit down to fill these ones out and I feel like they're a little bit more complicated to figure out so I went ahead did a youtube search found a video explaining it but I felt like this guy's video though he explained it well um he had a thick accent he spoke very quietly and the video was rather long so I thought I could just kind of speed a process for you a little bit and show you how to fill out a Walmart money order so this is what my Walmart money order looks like I noticed from the other guy's video that has looked different so it could be that they've changed the money orders or maybe every Walmart money order is a little bit different but overall it was the same it just it looked a little different but had the same kind of language on it and the same kind of information so I already had an oopsie here I started to fill out my husband's name here cuz all the bills are in his name I started thought his name here but right here you need to put down the company this is going to so this is being paid to nips Co and then on this line here you need to fill out your name okay so whoever purchased whoever the bills are in I put on my husband's name because the bills are in his name but whoever bought whoever bought the money order or whatever count you're going to pay you know this is where your name needs to go and then down here is for your address now I wasn't really sure this is like those I was getting hung up on was do I put my address or do I put down the company's address because the post office money orders they have a section to fill out with like name address and what you're paying for the company and then on the other side they have like your name your address and another reason for like you know what are you paying but on this it was a little bit confusing so yeah right here you're going to put for paid to the order of and it's going to nips Co purchased or signer which is going to eat Mike my husband and you want to put down your first in your last name but for safety reasons here not putting down my last name and then address is going to be my address so hopefully none of these numbers mean anything um before I even post this video I'm sure this is already going to be cash but I hope this video out there help somebody I know it's really quick it's nothing too extensive but it was something I was wondering about and I noticed by the searches though some other people were wondering about it too so I kind of wraps things up I hope you guys enjoyed if you did like button leave in comments down below and I'll see you guys in the next video bye guys.

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