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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Fill Form 8815 Deductions

Instructions and Help about Fill Form 8815 Deductions

Hey we're here on the back of the 1040 a and you first see the first thing that you have to do is enter the amount from line 21 on the other side your AGI put that right over here we see eighty thousand one hundred and seventy five dollars so that eighty thousand one hundred and seventy five dollars goes right there on line 22 okay now we start working our way down so line twenty three you're gonna check this off if either a you're old or B you're blind we are neither old nor blind so there's no boxes checked there that's going to be a zero and that'll be the case for all of our examples in this class married filing separately that's not the case here this who don't worry about that so now we need to line 24 enter your standard deduction and again this is a case where many students want to put a zero right here because they don't know what the standard deduction is the standard deduction is connected to this balloon right here over on the left so if we look at the balloon is bubble we have to die identify we know that we are married filing jointly so this is single and married filing separately this is married filing jointly so this number right here 12600 that's gonna go up the balloon across and over to line twenty-four 12,600 this should never be zero okay you're always putting a number in here because even if you're single you're still putting a number line twenty-four is never a zero now it says subtract 24 from 22 and again everything is lined up perfectly so we have five right there seven right there and one minus six we make that...