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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Fill Form 8815 Deluxe

Instructions and Help about Fill Form 8815 Deluxe

Hi you are welcome to this free video training on how to apply unfilled the US visa application online you've decided you want to birth your baby in the US and you've probably gotten things into motion top on your list should be get a US visa if you don't already have one as you'll need to gain entry into the USA please note that everybody traveling to the US needs to fill their own individual ds-160 form even children so how do you go about the process of getting yourself a visa step 1 pay the non-refundable visa application fee at the approved banks in your country of residence or online if available for your country at the time of this recording the visa fee is $160 per person at the bank meet the u.s. visa fee receiving teller with the photocopy of the personal data page of your international passport ensure that the visa category you're applying for is b2 is written on it upon payment two copies of receipt will be given to you confirm that the details on the receipt are correct before leaving the bank once you've done that sign on both copies return a copy to the teller and keep the other safe as you'll need to book your visa appointment note that your receipt is valid for only one year and you must book an interview within one year of purchase otherwise it will expire now that your visa fee payment has been made the next step is to complete your visa application form ds-160 online this has to be done prior to making an appointment for an interview at the Embassy now how do you complete the form online filling the ds-160 form go to see e AC dot state.gov slash jennife to open the form you'll see something like this step 1 in order to kickstart your application process you would need to select a location the interview location you select here must be the same location you end up scheduling your interview appointment at step 2 after you've selected your location place your mouse over start an application and click it's important to note that the form times out after 20 minutes without user activity and your data will be lost to safeguard against any data loss click on the Save button frequently and download the file to your local computer once you've clicked on start application an application ID is automatically generated for you record the number in a safe and secure place you'll need it when scheduling your visa interview appointment step 3 at the end of the page you'll be asked to choose a security question choose one that's easiest for you to remember and note it down you'll need the security question as well as your application ID to continue your application in case you're mistakenly logged out or have to leave it for another day step 4 when you have these down go ahead to answer the questions needed to schedule your visa interview the questions are simple basic questions intended to know you and your intentions in the u.s. step 5 the first set of questions focuses on your personal details all the names are known by your marital status gender as well as your birth details where and when you were born fill in the correct answers in the spaces provided for them step 6 the next set of questions are designed to know your nationality ties if you have a u.s. social security number and if you pay tax give the appropriate answer as it applies to you step 7 the next page requires that you fill in your home address your phone number your mailing address and your email address if your mailing address is the same as your home address indicate it step 8 next up are the questions on your passport indicate your passport type is it regular official diplomatic or other state your passport number passport book number if you have it place and dative issue as well as expiry date if you also have had your passport stolen indicated ensure you have all the information nearby step 9 after you've done that you'll be told to select a visa class select temp business pleasure visitor B then click on the drop-down to give more specific details in this case you're going to birth your baby so you would choose tourism medical treatment B to step 10 indicate your intended date of arrival if you're not sure just give an estimate state plan duration of your stay in weeks ideally you should plan for at least an eight week stay step 11 state the address of where you intend to stay in the US as well as the zip code if you have it also indicate who will bear the financial responsibilities of the trip if you will be traveling alone just click no and you'll be directed to the next page step 13 you'll be required next to give previous u.s. travel information just answer yes or no as it applies to you step 14 once done give details on your contact person in the US if you have family or friends who are inviting you to the US you should state their names contact details and relationship to you if you do not have and you purchased our all-inclusive child birth package then your contact person will be the ob/gyn who will be providing your OB care in this case the address would be the office address of the ob/gyn and his or her relationship to you will be other once completed your answers should look like this step 15 you're required after this to give full information about your biological parents and if you're adopted your adoptive parents step 16 you would also be required to give relevant information on immediate relatives excluding your parents if any in the US your immediate relatives are.

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