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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Fill Form 8815 Employment

Instructions and Help about Fill Form 8815 Employment

Music in this video I'm going to give you some tips on how to effectively complete a job application in the job world there's a lot of competition so how can you increase your chances of landing that dream job by being careful correct and complete with your job application when employers look at job applications they look at them quickly they either end up in a yes pile or in the no pile therefore it's important to be careful correct and complete so what is the DS to be careful with your job application don't wrinkle it don't get it dirty use black or blue ink write neatly have someone check your application for mistakes it is important to remember that your job application becomes a reflection thank you mistakes and errors will be noticed for the wrong reasons so what does it mean to be correct watch for spelling grammar and punctuation errors list all information accurately what does it mean to be complete answer all questions if the question doesn't apply to you but n/a n/a it's not applicable it is also important to describe all of your key skills and abilities an example of where you need to be complete is the reference section of the application you will need at least three solid references all which can be verified by the employer another area that it's important to be complete is where the section that asks you about skills and abilities you want to be clear you want to be specific and you want to list your key soft skills we're going to look at a few more tips with completing application areas we need to be careful correct and complete what's doing in the section they ask for position desired you need to be specific you do not want to write any or will do anything that makes you look desperate in the available start date section of your application you can write immediately if you are currently employed and are planning to resign then you can write two weeks let's take a look at the desired salary section this is important here you don't want to be too specific instead you want to place a reasonable range or you can write open or negotiable there's a section in all applications where it will ask you to list your previous employer when you list your duties for each job or volunteer experience make an effort to describe your duties and experiences that are related to the job that you are applying for let's summarize remember if you're going to increase your chances of landing that dream job you need to be careful correct and complete doing so will help you end up on the yes pile and get that phone call for the job interview Music you.

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