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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Fill Form 8815 Exclude

Instructions and Help about Fill Form 8815 Exclude

Music hello friends today I'm going to tell you about the bf from beginning to end so for the P of everyone just look at the your payslip you can find out you are you a and number so this is the gear number so P of number so once you get the you a number basically just go to the website APA for best prom fund organization our service this is for employers so your company will do updates out of the KYC like that for that they will use and for applies click on the for advice and third one memory an online service so once you get a year number first you need to activate the year so do click on the yeah number type here here number first and name your data birth mobile number/email ID enter the CAPTCHA get authorize pin whatever you give you the mobile now by here so for that you will get a 40 P and given and set a password then come to the login page again so enter your number and password which is greater now and the CAPTCHA into here and sign him so I already created so answer login the right side you the profile will come so it contains your number name data about the mobile number/email ID the last updated the password changed lost like that and first before I was not able to see migrate up a TIA and gender like that it's showing annual so if you show it if you profile is missing some information means you cannot able to apply online you have to visit your employer bins your company do you need to say that to the Empire to update the you are whatever you're missing details like data but and serviced it is so if you click here fun card you and God so sorry guess it is it will open en cada download so it will open like this so it will be um card and if you go home home this is home page so if you go view can you profile what and all details is there so you can see all details are correct or not you can check it once and the service history if you click here it should be updated by the your player so it condense be a PF number name and the company where you walked the joining date in dead like that the service started on service entered in your employer in your companies this should be updated then only the claim form online it will be open the next ian card a saw and the possible paths would simply the you cannot open the code you have to pick another you have to go the member passbook so if you go here here in this page unity die here no password again and it will be open your balance sheet so like this ever balance sheet you can check out so it contains what company name the employee shape what you shared from your Celtic detected amount and the company shape so company how much she had your PF o mundo so PF number name the office P of office very to us we knock on top on and they share every month transaction the seven months to take August month to fifteen like that appreciate and impression and that pension contribution so the total of multi can find out to hear so close it next passport everything done so once you click on the manage contact details so content details of you are so so just at the mobile number under sister email ad if you want to change ever even mobile number you can click here and you can change out your mobile number I can enter so if you want to change your melody click here and the new you got it guys and the KYC yes if you're going to apply for the claim you have to upload the KYC details of egg details and other pan this three is mandatory I think pan not maybe the bank and the other debtors is must and children because it's need to get credit to your bank on that is to purpose and other is mandate if either online or if you don't have other you have to go further on other of this planned out to visit our PF office who doesn't know how to climb online it's very very easy if someone who don't know they have to go and Phil Laak the claim composite sheet and they have to fill it on their outdoor submitted our PF office other based non other base unlike the three types of claims of PF and once you click here you can enter the bank details back up on number bank name the FEC code and if you click here your part number and name on the pan so they mask or the other so say if he lived save it then it will come to give our pending cable C it will come to a pending KBC so who are going after up in cave AC it will come under root K Y C so this other details up so we're going to you may have doubt who are going to up to your cave AC so your employer will produce kyc even other they aren't player going to verify your other they are going to verify that and the PFF is also if you visit your way of a physical path given the thumb impression if you can verify your other there are so the occurrence if you go Conte can change your password you are you an old positive old password the new puzzle come from update so this is in account details only you can change the password that's it and if we come online service supplied form $31.99 in c so.

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