Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Fill Form 8815 Fees

Instructions and Help about Fill Form 8815 Fees

Hey Franz Lucien here with the bullish Bears team I wanted to make this video an interactive brokers fees I'm gonna show you where to find them where you can kind of reference yourself it all depends what type of you know trader you are whether you're a day trader options trader or Forex I'm gonna show you how to find their fees on their website here it's actually very simple if you go to Interactive Brokers dot-com if you scroll over pricing right and then you click on Commission's right here you'll see their Commission's and where they're set up over here you'll see their stocks right here they have a two tiers set up or they have fixed in tiered right so they have a couple different plans if you look at their pricing structure right here you'll see you know compared to other brokers at a hundred shares you know Interactive Brokers comes out to be about a dollar trade that's you know based upon a hundred shares but obviously it goes up the more you trade if you see over here they are basically 0.005 cents per share with a minimum of $1 per order and then maximum per order of zero five zero point five percent of trade value and as you can see there's examples here if you click down the examples right here if you do a hundred shares at $25 u.s. I you know share dollars you're you're $25 a share it would be $1 the trade thousand shares at 25 US dollars it'd be $5 and then a thousand shares at 0.25 so 25 cents share price it's a dollar 25 so this is how they break it down they just kind of really break it down here they're very reason very reasonably priced broker you can choose between fixed or tiered you can sign up for one and you can always switch to another if you click on tiered over here you'll see here again I'm showing you North America pricing if you're in different countries to you can obviously scroll they break it down for the different countries here here's the tiered pricing right here less than 300 thousand shares you can see it 0.0035 it doesn't include exchange fees or anything like that in there so you have to kind of you know see what you're ending up doing you know see how the pricing adds up and then you can see if the fixed or the tiered is better for you you can see it's minimum of 0.35 so 35 cents per order or a 0.5% of trade value again this kind of be confusing so you know you might be best to try out one either fixed or tiered see what your pricing is and then give you know you could always give Interactive Brokers a call they have really good customer service so you can give them a call and be like hey I'm unfixed or I'm T on tiered which structure would be better for me and they could recommend if one's better than or thee and obviously if you're trading more shares here you can see the breakdown over here you know so you can do the math and see what your trading per month how many shares you're trading on average and see what structure would be best for you you can see up here - they have options break down over here - click on options you can see North America Europe Asia whatever you're wherever you're trading I'll click on North America for 8 now you can see the examples down here you know just breaks it down here if it's over 10 cents it's you know 70 cents per contract minimum of $1 and you can see the examples down here and how it breaks down all depending on how you're doing you know how many options contracts you're doing this is for less than ten thousand monthly contracts and then obviously for doing ten thousand or more you can see the pricing changes over here so again you know it's just a matter of you know what type of trader you are whether you're doing stocks or options you can see there's Forex and all the other pricing over here so what I'd suggest is kind of just see what type of traitor you are click on the pricing see if it you know if it fits into the model that you're doing as a trader if not again just give interact Brokers a call they're really good just go over here and contact them and just say hey listen this is the type of trader I am this is what I'm going to be doing what would you recommend I'd suggest calling them and during nine market hours or like maybe mid-afternoon just that way you're not on hold but even calling during market hours their whole times are actually very reasonable they're very responsive so again we're big fans of Interactive Brokers so this is how the fees kind of break down and hopefully this helped you again you know just kind of look over here and just kind of go and see what type or trader you are and so if you're not a member of our community yet we are the bullish bears we run a very large community on Facebook feel free to come and join us where traders from around the world all different types of traders some of us are day traders some are swing some are long term traders options traders so a very interactive community so feel free to come and join us if you haven't all right.