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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Fill Form 8815 Filing

Instructions and Help about Fill Form 8815 Filing

Alright five-week-old nails on the left super-cute new nails on the right let's do this I'm using the piranha bit from Erica's 80s this thing is a beast and it actually files through gel and acrylic really fast now my nails are a little bit different I don't always put the color as the topmost layer I've recently been embedding my color and my glitter which means that I've got a very thick layer of clear over the color so that's why you're not seeing the color come off super fast is this glitter is actually it's a very bottom of my artificial nails so I have to file through all that clear gel which I do like the look of it it's just more work when you do your fills so it's just personal preference it gives a little bit more of a deep and glossy look and I really like the way it turns out but when I have to do fills it is more work when it comes to filing so this Pranab it has a flame shape to it so I can go up really close to the regrowth area I'm very careful not to file anywhere on the natural nail and I'm using the bit at a very high speed with light pressure this bit is very coarse and so I don't need to put any pressure on the nail in order for it to do its job I am using the Eric of 88 nail vac system on my e-file so you'll notice I have a little tube that wraps around the end of my e file this vac actually does work really well it keeps all of that super fine dust out of the air but you'll notice as I'm filing these nails as I go through the bigger particles actually swing a little bit so you definitely want to use eye protection I wear fake glasses when I do my nails or when I'm doing other people's nails that way if there's little bees or little chunks of stuff it doesn't get into my eye it is a good idea you know if you are filing this much stuff to also wear some type of face but the fact like I said my hands get really dirty but the dust particles don't go anywhere but right there so it is really nice it's just when you're using such a coarse but it's very difficult not to swing stuff everywhere if you like to use sanding bands or diamond band stuff like that anything that kind of sands more than it grinds you will notice that it creates a finer powder and the vacuum can pick up the finer powder really easily so overall I'm really happy with the nail back it does a great job of keeping dust out of my face and you know away from my breathing so I just go through all the nails removing the color like I said the color on my nails is at the bottom so that's why it looks like I'm having to file extra to get the color off if the color was on the top I would have been able to get this off even more quickly but as you'll notice as we're doing this video I'm on finger three and it's only been a couple minutes so this is such a great tool to be able to quickly remove nail art about 3d nail on here as well and I'm able to file all of that off and get down to the actual regrowth and nail prep and all of that stuff that takes more time the flame shade does get a little bit of getting used to since it does have more of a cone shape to it I like it because you're able to attack different areas on the nail just by changing the angle of the way you hold the bit on the nail plate but if you're used to traditional barrels it does take a minute to get used to having this kind of curved surface because you do have to take into consideration your angle but you'll notice it has a tapered tip which allows me to get much closer to the sidewalls and I'm mainly just concerned about taking off 90% of the color I try to stay away this is put you know especially with clients you don't know if there's lifting especially if there is a lot of color and sometimes there's little lifting that we can't see or can't feel and when you have nails on for five weeks you're guaranteed at least a couple little spots so I like to stay away from the perimeter with these type of course orbits because it tends to catch more on listed areas so you'll notice I leave kind of a perimeter of color and I go back and I get that when I actually do the real like the regrowth nail prep and I use a diamond band for that I like something that slides a little bit more so last finger I'm in about four minutes now this is so fast and again colors at the bottom of the snail so I'm filing through the clear gel first letting that do all the work if you force it you're going to end up hurting yourself or hurting your client or wrapping your bit always use you know a higher speed if you feel like you're nervous I know it's scarier but when I was first starting out with a nail tech I used to run my bit so slow and it actually grabbed more and pops more and bounces more if you do that so I'm doing this at about 20,000 rpms on my machine and I'm just letting the bit glide across the nail surface and really just allow it to do the work for me Music on this note.

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