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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Fill Form 8815 Import

Instructions and Help about Fill Form 8815 Import

Hi and welcome everyone today we have a video request from je r je r says I'm having trouble importing Excel files from my computer it just says error I don't know if it's my computer or I don't know if I'm doing it right can you make a video on it please alright J here so I'm going to make that video right now I'm not sure if you're importing the files to your Access database to a current table or to a brand-new table so I'm going to show you guys how to do this both ways alright so right here we see an Access database all I have is one table in it so I want to get my excel file into this Access database so this is the excel file that I created it's pretty standard whenever you take an excel file and put it into access it doesn't really need any formatting on it right because access is a database program so you could basically just write in whatever data you need with all of the excel data for default formatting and it should be ready to go right from there so I'm going to take this file here and I'm going to put it into an access table so I'm going to close out of this right now you need to make sure that your excel file is currently closed and then what I'm going to do is I'm going to go into my access area and I'm going to go to the external data tab so you click on external data and to move Excel into there you go to import and link right because import means it's coming into the Access database and so then I'm going to choose this icon right here for excel so I click on Excel and then it's going to open up this dialog box called get external data and I need to specify the source of the definite or of the definition of the object I click on browse and then I find the area where that is located and I find it right here on my desktop and so you'll find whatever file you need and then you can choose one of these three options I'm going to import the source data into a new table in this case so I go right here and I click OK and then we see the data is all showing up here correctly now keep in mind the first row these are column headings so I need to make sure that this checkbox is too right so first row is column headings I click Next I go right here this is where I could specify the different data types for the headings so if I wanted to change this to say a currency I could do that right here and so I could change all those if I want for the sake of this video I'm not going to change anything and then I'm going to click Next this is where I could choose my primary key if you don't know what the primary key is I made a video on that just earlier today so check that one out but I'll choose my primary key as the item ID field alright and then I'll click Next and then this is where I can call call it a name I'll just call the inventory and then I'll click finish all right so then it'll ask me do I want to save the import steps I'm not going to save them in this case and I'll click on close and then we'll see right over here inventory has now appeared alright good so let's say I open this up I see all 14 rows of data that right there is how you import to Microsoft Excel now or Microsoft Access rather now I mentioned earlier that I err I'm not sure if you're trying to import to current table so I created this onee inventory table here and so I created this keeping in mind that all of the information should be the exact same on all of the columns right this is my original source in Excel here and I see it says item ID item category campus so on and so forth all of these things need to be perfectly spelled if you're importing to a current table so you can see all the column names need to be correctly spelled as well as the records below should have the same type of formatting so what I'm going to do here is I'm going to import all of these records here onto these records here so we should have three more than we had before so I closed out of Excel and now I'm going to go again to the external data tab I'm going to go to import and Link and I'm going to click Excel just like last time I'm going to find the file in the same spot as last time I'll double click it and then I'll go right here to a pen this time and this time I'm going to move it to the 1e inventory table the one I just showed you it's right here and it's open typically you do want to close out of the table so I'm going to just close that but anyway I'm going to move it straight to that table so again I go to append 1e inventory I click OK it recognizes everything I click Next and this time I'll call it the same thing obviously and I'll click finish and close and now if I open this up you should see 17 records here right the three we originally had as well as the 14 that we imported in so the biggest problem or the biggest issue that students have when they try to do this is that the students don't spell.

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