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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Fill Form 8815 Index

Instructions and Help about Fill Form 8815 Index

I'm going to show you how to patch a hole in a vinyl liner pool. A customer called me over the weekend and said that he had a leak. I looked around the pool and found it. I put some duct tape on it temporarily to cover it, and it's been holding up okay. Now, I'm going to take the duct tape off and patch the spot. It's pretty simple and you don't need to drain the water out of the pool. In fact, I don't advise draining the water because it could damage the liner. Let me pull the tape off so you can see the leak. As you can see, it's torn and it's a pretty large area, so it's hard to miss. There are various patch kits available, and one I recommend is the Hydro Tool Slimline. It has received really good ratings online because of its waterproof glue and ample amount of vinyl to patch with. The kit includes two colored vinyl patches and two clear ones. When patching a hole, you always want to cut the patch larger than the area where the hole is. It's important to round the corners of the patch for a better appearance. Apply the adhesive that came with the kit generously. Don't be shy with it. You want to use a large amount to ensure every area is covered. Now, fold the patch over itself so that it can be unfolded when placed in the water. It should be folded up like a taco before putting it in the water. Once it's in the water, unfold it and apply it to the spot in the pool. You can see the spot where I applied the patch. Even though you can still see the rip through the vinyl, it's covered pretty well. To ensure...