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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Fill Form 8815 Index

Instructions and Help about Fill Form 8815 Index

I'm going to show you how to patch a hole in a vinyl liner pool customer called me over the weekend said that he had a leak and I looked around the pool and I found me here I put some duct tape on your temporarily to cover it holding up okay I'm going to take the duct tape off and patch this spot pretty simple you don't need to drain the water out of here in fact I don't advise draining the water because it could damage the liner let me pull the tape off so you can see the leak and you can see right there that it's torn it's pretty large area not hard to miss in this various patch kits you can get them using the hydro tool slimline got really good ratings online because of the waterproof glue here and also with ample amount of the vinyl to patch it with the two of the colored vinyl in terms of two clear ones also if you're going to patch a label toys we're going to want to do is cut the patch larger than the area where the holes out of course so I'm going to cut it you want to make sure it's rounded on the corners so your patch looks something like this here here's a pretty good circle it's about two or three times the size of the hole go ahead and apply the he Civ they came with kit you want to use a generous amount of this stuff don't be shy with it you want to use less if you're using it on the inflatable so as far as this goes you want a large amount you want every area covered and I'm going to apply it to the spot in the pool apply it here what you want to do is you want to fold it over on itself when you put it in the water we want to unfold it when we get it in the water we're going to fold it up like this like a taco I'm going to go ahead and put it in and when I get it down to the spot I'm going to open it up put it on I'm going to wet here you can see the spot that I put it on here you can actually see the cut in there it's kind of showing through the vinyl where the actual cut is you can actually see through this you can see the actual rip still right there I'm pointing at it right now so it's covered pretty good now I want you to apply some weight to it to hold it up 24 hours show you the patch on the water here up close since on the side of the pool it's going to be kind of difficult what I'm going to do is I'm going to use the automatic cleaner that's in here I'm going to bring it over here I'm going to set it right on here give us some weight that's the best I can do right here to put that on there like that there's nothing else I can really do because it's on a corner kind of leading up to the side of the wall that should hold it in place there and if the patch does come off over time I have plenty material to reap a chit again and plenty of the adhesive here that's a quick look of using the hydro tool swim line patch to patch your vinyl liner pool.

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