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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Fill Form 8815 Info

Instructions and Help about Fill Form 8815 Info

Hi welcome to filling out a form on our website this is skaros I'm gonna be running you through how to do that though first of all you're gonna go to Bluebird RPG comm press good old enter on that one that'll bring you to our lovely website next thing you might be thinking to yourself man where can I find the application forms well simply click applications and here they are when you reach this page it says in very large text when filling out these forms please do not use your real life personal information next find the job that you're after remembering to please not use your real life information find the job that you're after I would like to become a police officer there's a little bit of information about it and then you click police application but remember please do not use your real life personal information now click on the police application they'll bring you to a new website here you can read a little bit about what it is that you are applying for and it would be the Victorian police force if you don't want to apply for this and you've clicked the wrong button simply go back to blue bird RP comm forward slash applications read this section here where it says please do not use your real life personal information and then find another job so say for example you want to apply for firefighter you can click on that one they'll bring you to this this website specifically for the the Fire Authority now if this is a job that seems interesting to you after you've read through it you might be thinking yourself man how do I apply if I'm interested well just click the button that says I'm interested this will bring up a little box here for you now if you had created a LinkedIn account for your personal information or an indeed account with your personal information don't click either of these because as we all know please do not use your real-life personal information so instead you're gonna click fill manually this will take a moment and load now from here you're looking hard man my first name in my last name I know that and I know my location and I know my email and I know my phone number let me just put in this personal information what I'm gonna do is stop you right there and just let you know please do not use your real life personal information so we're gonna go here and my character's name is Russell gray my location sandy shores which apparently I can actually click here there you go now the email this is the only thing that does not abide by the please do not use your real life personal information let me close this one so this one you're going to put your real email address in there your phone number please do not use your real life information head on in game here press M the number that appears here that is your phone number so for me it's hashtag three seven nine four three so let me get out of this hashtag three seven nine four three except without the hashtag sorry all righty you can add in all sorts of different information here if you like but what I recommend is having the tab open that explains to you what the job is filling this out appropriately so missus she'll hiring manager hey I sucks this this fully okay no that's not right successfully oh yeah entered my characters in formation not my real life personal information go that's a good start into something like that and maybe a little bit about why they should hire you then press submit once you've done that it'll ask you a few more questions and you're all done that is how you fill out a form not using your personal real life information with scara's.

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