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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Fill Form 8815 Int

Instructions and Help about Fill Form 8815 Int

In this final recording I want to show you how to blend a lot of the tools that we've learned in the last three or four units templates macros fill-ins to create very powerful documents I've created a starter so there's my unit 5 sample now what this is is a letter that our library wants to send to parents whenever their kids are keeping books longer than they need to we have a number of librarians so a number of people could be using this template and I want to make it as flexible and as powerful as we can so the first thing we already have a letter that's kind of laid out here but I want this to be a template from now on so it doesn't change this document it gets used as a starter so the first thing I'm going to do before I get forget is save as a template probably do an export but I don't believe export does I know export doesn't do macro enabled template so I need that so here's my recording support files on my desktop and I'm going to change the document type to a macro enabled template and what happens when you do that unfortunately Microsoft Word sees the word template it says oh you want that in your custom office templates and no I don't I want it in my recording support files and so now I'm going to call this my overdue template I like to put the word template in the document to help me remember the extension might help but that makes it extremely obvious so now this is a template whenever I send this letter I want the current date in there so I'm going to insert an automatically updating date field here so I'm going to select the date that was shift end and now I'm backing up with the arrow keys shift arrow keys remember you can use the arrows to highlight more and I'm going to insert the date field I don't want the date formatted like this and I want it to update automatically that checkmark in this case is already selected Microsoft Word remembers the last thing that you checked here and retains it so it remembered it if not you check it click on OK and it inserts the current date remember if I press alt f9 I can see the code behind there and see that it's not August night that's a date for the current date so if I use this template tomorrow it'll say August 10th all right in the to box here I want to prompt the user whoever is using this for the parents name who are we sending this to the easiest way I think the best way to do that is to use a filling field now we haven't it's in my notes but we haven't done a recording on it yet so I'm gonna cover a fill in field it's a quick part and easiest way to get in a fill in instead use a quick part yield scroll down these are alphabetical and there's the fill and when you get when you click on fill in the first thing this dialog box wants to know is what prompt do you want to use these enter the parents name I'll put a colon I click on OK now here's a weird thing about fill ins that you have to be aware of when you do this the fill-in immediately executes and if you type a parents name in here it becomes part of the template and I'm not gonna be sending this to the same parent over and over and over again so instead I'm just going to cancel no what did that do doesn't look like anything well that's because currently my fill-in doesn't have any text but if I press alt f9 I can see that there's really a fill-in field there and there is a prompt if you miss type you're propped you can go to alt f9 to come in here and maybe put the apostrophe on the other side for plural parents name when you're done alt f9 hides the code again I already have my title in here here I'm supposed to insert the child's name so I'm going to use another fill-in field because every time I use this I'm gonna have a different name in Unit four I think it was or three templates you learned how to insert a placeholder field and that's not bad this is pretty good too it automatically fills things in so this is another alternative so I'm gonna put in another fill-in field by the way fill in fields can also be used with merging so there it can be very complicated you can have a verge main document with a fill-in field in it that can happen not gonna demonstrate that here's the fill in please enter the child's or students name : again it'll prompt me right away do not fill this in or it becomes part of your template you don't want to do that cancel I can't see it but there's a filling field there and then the last thing I want to do is enter enter the media specialists name or have the media specialists themselves type in their own name unfortunately we have three four or five who knows how many of these and I want this template to be used by any of them I could put a fill in field here and say please enter your name and that would work but instead I'm gonna blend this with a macro to demonstrate how macros and fill ins and all that kind of stuff can be blended together initially I want to test my fillings field so I'm going to save this and I'm gonna close my template and then here's my overdue template remember if.

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