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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Fill Form 8815 Liability

Instructions and Help about Fill Form 8815 Liability

Hi everybody its Andy and welcome again to my office in Modesto California I would attorney license to practice law in California as well as New York unlike some of my other videos however where I go over like abstract kind of legal concepts I guess status only divorce proof of service that type of stuff and this video I'm going to go over something a little more practical so I recently had to buy a used car I've done that several times in my life been very lucky that all the cars that I bought have worked out for me I've never actually had a solid used car but you know in buying used cars you obviously have to deal with the seller so I've encountered this situation a couple of times people of asking this question before from the perspective of a person who's selling a used car so they go Andy hey you know I put my car on Craigslist or Ebay the newspaper whatever and I found this buyer he's really cool he came over and got the inspection done he did the smog if it was cool you know if he came over he paid me an assignment title gave him the key and he took possession of the car and everything's fine but what happens if he gets a ticket like in looks like a key I gets a parking ticket or he you know crosses a bridge about paying a toll before he registers the car into his name so as far as the DMV is concerned the Department of Motor Vehicles in California they still think that I am the car when in reality I've sold the car to somebody else so this ticket that occurred is not my responsibility it's actually this guy's responsibility the buyers responsibility so how do i as a seller protect myself and not have to be responsible for tickets that the buyer incurs so it's a very reasonable kind of prudent thing to think about unfortunately however not everyone kind of thinks in this way people are more trusting by human nature than then you know I guess they probably should be you know if that's not too cynical of a thing to say but as a seller people you know the seller over to used-car really should be concerned like hey how do I protect myself so the answer to the question of how to protect yourself is there isn't data form that you need to fill out as a seller and you need to submit it to the prominent Motor Vehicles in California in order to tell them and to tell you know to tell the state I guess that this particular vehicle as of this date is no longer mine as like after this date this vehicle with this VIN number this mileage this license plate doesn't belong to me anymore it belongs to this other guy because you bought it from me and anything that happens I go tickets running than White's all that stuff it's not my responsibility you guys should go after this guy the guy who bought the car from me so the form you need to fill out is called a notice of release of liability or an N or L form so there are a couple ways to do the NRL form the first way which is you know very convenient but I think probably not a lot of people do it this way number one is you can actually submit the entire form online I'll just light it and I'm going to go ahead and link the website to do the NRL form down below so if you're you know technologically inclined go ahead and do it online it's actually fairly easy so number two obviously is that you can actually download the PDF form of the or the PDF version excuse me of the NRL form that's going to be available at that same length of them I'm going to put down below so once you fill out the NRL form you mail it in or you click Submit that's basically the end of the process number three which is probably the more kind of common way that most people do it they can go to a Department of Motor Vehicles office and get the form fill it out sign it submit it right there whatever in a way that you do it you know of the three that I mentioned the important thing is is that you need to follow the NRL form within five calendar days in order five calendar days of the sale I guess of you know giving you on the car to the wire if in that case you know you know you're your liability I guess is cut off you're no longer responsible for the car so if you're interested after kind of that big kind of long explanation the law the statute involved here is actually California Vehicle Code section five nine zero zero a fifty nine hundred a and then just basically goes over the form that you need to fill out you know five your days of in which you need to fill it out in order to tell the state of California that hey this vehicle is no longer mine it actually belongs to this other guy if there are any tickets you know red light you know violations etc go up to this guy not me because it's not my responsibility anymore so kind of a long answer but if you guys have ever wondered what the law is on it California Vehicle Code section 5908 and if you are in a position where you're trying to sell a used car best to remember the notice of release of liability form regardless of which three ways are which of the three ways that I mentioned you should submit the form ok so hopefully.

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