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Welcome to the sales acceleration show my name is Michael Hamlet and I'm the founder of kayo Matic in this show we discuss all sales and marketing to accelerate your business and today we're gonna talk about leveraging your stage presence to grow your business so I've invited an expert to actually build a company around this data thanks for joining the show so tell our viewers what do you do thanks for having me Michael it's in order to be here so I'm co-founder at Duvall unit consulting we help large organizations with their transformation and digitization next to that I'm also the co-founder of social cedar which is an employee advocacy platform and I'm also the co-founder of speakers base which is basically a marketplace for speakers and event organizers to find each other and also for speakers to present themselves to the world I by accidentally founded originally while ago and I loved it in an instant because you don't find anything like that specifically for speakers so where did the idea come from it's a very good observation basically it happened by coincidence I was watching Twitter and there was a tweet from a lady saying I'm looking for a speaker in data analytics and preferably a woman and then I was asking myself really the other side the other side so I get this question a lot if I'm on station probably you as well do you know a speaker in that domain somebody you can recommend and so forth and there is apparently not really a platform where you can search for good speakers and result is that you always end up with the usual suspects yeah so that's one I thought maybe we can create a platform out of this so I did a quick research and indeed I didn't find really a good platform that filled in the needs of the speakers and the need of the organizers so we started to create it so that's how it happened and one is that that's why it's now I would say two years ago where we started with the idea I think really one year when we started the operations so we are a small team right now four co-founders we have two people helping us with the growth hacking marketing the desperation und - marketing also so gross-looking technical marketeers they're scaling feeling it there but it's really important because you can start really with nothing so you have to have both sides we need speakers and you need event organizer yes so it really only becomes valuable when you have both sides of the year the marketplace and so that was a challenge in the first instance so one of the things by the way which is absolutely because I do a lot of I'll help a lot of companies with their products one of the things you guys do really good is when you make an account you actually see how many people watch you for some reason people like it I like it mr. acquisition and one of the things sometimes when I just don't like to views it looks like I've jumped in the graph so massively and I thought some smart guy has built it because I like thanks thanks so people why why let's let's take you to step back why should i when I'm a founder I'm in business why should I be on stage why should I do it why should I be very good question for me it's really a new form of marketing and what I see a lot of speakers doing when they represent their company on stage is they tell about the products and the services of that company whereas what I believe is that you need to create value upfront and I think creating a kind of thought leadership is a new style of marketing especially b2b so that's why I think more more people should be on stage but I also need to tell a different story and I think we need to avoid to directly bombard people with our end product or end service but really think about how can you create real value for your audience which is nothing new but speakers always fall into that same trap so they immediately want to push the metric message down the throat close the visitor under - indeed you have a hundred people in the audience or you want to all make sure that they understand what you do and what you can sell them but basically it works the reverse or I think if you can prvalue and so by by creating speakers base we hope that speakers not only get deals but they also have a way of making themselves and experts creating thought leadership showing their expertise domains and so forth so that's really the angle it's creating taught leadership as a promise to you because I fully agree that for me being on stage it's not only about attention but it's a special about trust so if you focus on trust eventually you will get sales I think because I'm a sales guy and I believe not selling the new sales so basically you just have to go way broader talk about it and then eventually get get people to buy in and then you get the leverage to do whatever in essence right but I've seen a lot of bad speakers and I really I really sometimes I go angry because it's it's like you're wasting my time you Retief I mean I'm really bad maybe I had too many trainings like you I've seen you on stage you like you nail it because it's an inspirational story it's a very good point and that's another thing that we hopefully can can can derive from speakers base is a kind of community feedback where speakers are checked by the market you.

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