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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Fill Form 8815 Payments

Instructions and Help about Fill Form 8815 Payments

This video will walk users of the New York state grants gateway through the process of submitting claims through the grants gateway system the video will start out with a short introduction and then we will log into the system to submit claims there's some preparation that must be done before you log in and submit your claim you should be familiar with the requirements and details of your contract that's important because you need to know when claims are due how often you can submit claims and for what categories or line items you're allowed to submit claims for you should know what your program manager or contract manager expects from you in your claim submissions they may have specific ways they want you to prthe information to them you should have your documents ready prior to logging in so before going into the system and actually starting your claim you should have these scanned documents or electronic PDF versions of your claims and related documents stored in a folder on your computer easily accessible so that you can quickly attach it as you go through the system you should be aware of what categories your claims will fall under because you do need to select which category of your budget if you have multiple items to claim make sure you know how much your claims should add up to so you should have an idea of the total amount of claims you're doing in this one sitting and of course you need to ensure that you have the right role to submit your claim we'll talk about the roles in a few minutes so the details of your contract number one is there an advance allowed you can refer to certain sections of your contract to see if there's an advance allowed section 3b of the state terms and conditions will have that information and section 1a of the attachment D of your contract will give you specific details of your advance in a few minutes we'll look at an example of that again how often our claims allowed or require you'll be able to see that in section 1 B of attachment D of your contract and there may be additional payment provisions detailed in section 3 of attachment D the other thing you should know about is are their match requirements if there are match requirements you need to submit information about that match well when you're putting in claims another part of preparation is program expectations you should know what your program manager or contract manager expects from you in your claim submissions because each agency and program may have different requirements for claim submission some programs may want multiple items scan together some may want separate attachments so you have the option in the system to do one big attachment or you have the option to do several attachments and you should know how your program would like to see that some programs may have specific overview sheets or specific formats that they would like you to use when uploading your documents as part of your supporting documents you need to ensure that you have the invoice and the proof of payment and that those items line up with your contract requirements so if you had a line item that was for instance for contractual training let's say you need to have an invoice showing that you were invoiced for that contractual training and you need to have a proof of payment proving that you paid that invoice another part of preparation is to have those documents ready you will need to prPDFs only as supporting documentation for your claim submissions ensure that these PDFs are not password-protected they must be readable and scans are allowed but native PDF documents are preferred if it was a password-protected PDF or secured PDF the grants gateway system would not be able to accept that make sure you follow your program or contract managers guidance for how to prepare these documents and if your program requires a cover sheet or some kind of roll-up document ensure that that is saved and scanned as a PDF also you must log in with the right role so only the user in the role of grantee payment signatory can submit a claim for payment now other roles can start a claim but they can't submit it so the grantee system administrator the grantee contract signatory and the grantee can all start a claim but only the grantee payments signatory can submit a claim so in most cases this means the person that logs in really should be this grantee payment signatory if you do not have the appropriate role at your organization a user in your organization the grantee delegated administrator can add the account so that is not something that the grants gateway can help you with we leave it up to the organism patience to create the users in their accounts so you would have to talk to your grantee delegated admin at your organization I'm now going to login as the grantee payment signatory you may remember three other users could login and start a payment that would be the grantee system administrator the grantee contract signatory or the grantee however only the grantee payment signatory can log in and start a payment and then submit it so I'm going to log in as that user and in this case I'm J payment one ID I'll type in my password so I've logged in as James with the role of grantee payment signatory now to start a claim for payment we need to first go to the contract so you'll need to search for your contract you won't find it in payments yet because we haven't started the payment payments up here is to search for payments that have already been started you won't find it in your task list even if he had.

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