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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Fill Form 8815 Preparation

Instructions and Help about Fill Form 8815 Preparation

Hi I'm Victor has comido and I'm again is covalent we're brothers veterans compadres and lots of colors of the best mexican grill san francisco i love their mexican grill we open propeller to 10 years ago on 24 th street the heart of San Francisco's Mission District our menu has always been inspired by fresh produce and the highest quality grill grates soon after opening we also began catering to an increasingly health-conscious clientele including vegan and vegetarian diners our menu now includes items such as sonrisa tofu Molly and her delicious rice and beans have always been large free we open our second location three years ago continuing our tradition of bringing a diverse community of Mexican food lovers together around a great many papalote has become a popular meeting place for people who enjoy good food and care about what goes into the body it has received the highest praise for both customers and food critics in the past 10 years our hard work has been recognized by SF Weekly child magazine semi search the Wall Street Journal New York Times and even Rachael Ray's everyday living yep Wright brothers are just about burritos no no because Miguel he mixes it up in the kitchen but also he's a EJ and he could mix it up in the booth I all these nightclubs in san francisco he is DJ mr. e well Victor keeps things cracking at the restaurant you should see how he keeps people cracking up as a stand-up comic an invisible not teach ya not mr. Miyagi hmm hey wait did you say Escobedo yeah Victor escobedo Victor escobedo Scooby no Escovedo victim Escobedo SQL SQL on Victor square because esquibel and my wife Jodi Hernandez who founded the restaurant with us ten years ago it's a reporter for NBC Bay Area News but it's the restaurant that's the biggest pride of our family Miguel once you tell us a little bit more about what's behind the food of the holiday okay move I grew up in the restaurant business and what Victor and I had a chance to do our own constant as the chef I'm going to do everything as fresh as possible so we open up a look day in the mission where there's like a hundred like 80s but if you go in there you'll see that all the meats in that the steam table for who knows how long so what we do is we grill the meat fresh to order every time imagine what would happen if we had a burrito and everything inside of it was as fresh as possible we're going to make our famous grilled chicken breast burrito here at papalote we're going to start with the chicken breast and okay so we start with our chicken breast marinated in achiote so we're going to let that grill for a while the seasoning was just a little bit of garlic powder we already have soft pepper in the marinade notice the white orange color that better annatto gives it we're just waiting for our chicken finish grilling and it's all over there so we're going to throw the tortilla on the grill we have a regular flour tortillas that we get delivered fresh every day from our local tortilla factory here in San Francisco they bring us a regular flour tortillas we also have whole wheat tortilla we have a spinach tortilla and I roma tomato tortilla we're gonna go with a regular one please out on the grill of free time we grow up 40s we don't really steamed up just grilling it's a nice crunchy toast he's feeling we're gonna have the cheese down some nice jack cheese and spread it all around here so it feels nice okay our chicken looks ready and I'm for BF in the nicer class at that chicken thanks again we just place the chicken on top of the DoDEA okay now that the cheese is nice and melted the go ahead and finish our burrito vegan Spanish rice some vegan refried black beans geez Mexican sour cream are fresh guacamole our babies roasted purple kisses alright mr. chicken burrito this months ago this burritos to go so we're going to put them up to go back chips chips ice out of our roasted salsa Mackin on fixing it SE over where go so that's a brief look at other papalote yeah and now you got a taste of what we're all about bye.

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