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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Fill Form 8815 Representation

Instructions and Help about Fill Form 8815 Representation

Welcome if you are using a representative to help you with a Citizenship and Immigration Canada CIC application you need to complete the use of representative form also known as form IMM 5476 a representative is someone who conducts business with CIC for you and with your permission this may be a family member friend immigration consultant lawyer or other the person you appoint may fill out your forms submit your application or talk to CIC about your file you are not required to hire a representative the Government of Canada treats all applicants equally whether they have a representative or not see I see forms have instruction guides to help you complete your applications the guides prstep-by-step instructions they tell you how to answer each question and they prclear information about the documents you must submit to us if you hire a representative we will not give your application special attention or process it faster it will not affect the final decision made about your application you can appoint only one representative for each application you submit you can choose to a point or to cancel a representative at a later date after your application has been submitted to do so you must send us a completed IMM five four seven six form to tell us that you have changed representatives or that you no longer wish to use one let's take a closer look at how to complete the use of a representative form answer each question by typing your information into the white spaces a checkmark will appear in the boxes as you click on them you can save the form to your computer ready follow along with the video as you complete the form you may press pause and play as you answer each question and don't forget the video Center on our website has other useful tutorials to help you complete your application be sure to take a look with form IMM 5476 in front of you let's get started first are you appointing a representative if you are check the top box and complete sections a B and D of the form if you are cancelling a representative check the other box and complete sections a C and D you may appoint a representative and cancel the appointment of another on the same form in this case you must check both boxes here in Section a enter the following information 1 your family name and all of your given names - your date of birth 3 if you have already submitted your application the name of the office where you submitted the application the location of the office and the type of application if you have not already submitted your application complete this form and include it with your application for your Citizenship and Immigration Canada identification number if you have one and if you know it you may know it as your client ID your immigration file number or your UCI number in Section B you'll appoint your representative to work on your application this person can only represent you for the application you list on your form carefully read the bullet statements in Section B make sure that they apply to you and that you understand them 5 enter your representatives family name and all given names 6 if your representative is unpaid or uncompensated check the box that best describes who they are unpaid representatives include friends family and members of groups who are not paid to help you a lawyer consultant or Quebec notary can also be listed here as long as they do not charge a fee to represent you if you have paid or will pay your representative that person must be a member of one of the groups listed check the correct box and pryour representatives a membership ID number and the province or territory if you appoint a paid representative who is not a member of one of these organizations we will return your application to you 7 enter your representatives contact information the name of the firm or organization if applicable mailing address postal code or zip code telephone number fax number and email address by entering an email address you authorize CIC to send any file updates and personal information related to your application to this email address you must notify us if your representatives contact information changes 8 this is your representatives declaration your representative must read the bullet statements carefully and confirm that they are true then sign and date the form in Section C you cancel the appointment of a representative this means that you no longer wish to authorize your representative to receive information or to conduct business for you if you are not cancelling a representative move to section D if you are cancelling a representative read the withdrawal statement and make sure you understand it then list the representatives full name the name of his or her firm or organization section D is the declaration section where you sign to confirm that all of the information you entered is true correct and complete read the statements carefully then sign and date the form if your spouse or common-law partner is included in this request he or she must also sign and date the form you have now completed the form if you used a computer you can save your file you are now ready to print be sure to sign and date your form we cannot process it without your signature and the date remember if you decide to cancel the appointment of your representative you must complete a new IMM 5476 form be sure to send it to the office where you submitted your original application so we can keep your file updated if you have questions about this form read the instruction guide which is available at CI cGCC a slash rep form you.

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