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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Fill Form 8815 Rewards

Instructions and Help about Fill Form 8815 Rewards

Hey guys welcome back to my channel today we're doing another installment of random slash weird ways to make money on the internet today's is the most requested it's to test out if online surveys are actually legit so I'm gonna test a few of them and see if they actually work let's do it alright so the first one that I'm gonna test is Opinion Outpost because i've heard of it before I mean this website just looks really gimmicky I kind of hate how it looks okay so then you just fill in basic info all right it says my first survey is ready so let's see I'm interested in what are they gonna ask for me oh this is probably just to like figure out your demographic please confirm your employment status I'm self-employed which best describes your current self-employment these are really boring questions so far which best describes your department video production entertainer oh my god it's an actor slash model such a youtuber that's hilarious I have you deeper on here and what are you in the decision to purchase products or services in any of the fun areas accounting or tax or visit insurance pretty much everything alright so I just finished the first survey and it says congrats you've completed a profile so now I can take an actual one so let's try it because yeah that one's just asking all about you okay let's see this oh this is kind of a similar thing it just is like asking about you using five words tell us what personal goals you would like to achieve in the next five years I hate that okay so now that I finished that one it says earn 25 points in just 34 minutes basic questions to start of course where do you live who are you what do you do oh it's a survey about health care that's kind of interesting do you or anyone and your household currently take any of the following medications when you think of hospitals in your area which ones come to mind first cedars-sinai I've never actually been to it right now who asked you some questions about the hospital you mentioned but I've never been to it okay whatever how familiar are you with it not really I guess I'll put two because I've seen it okay so I just finished that survey it took like 30 minutes I think but now I have 25 points whatever that means so I'm gonna go to my account and try and figure out like what the points equal so it says that you can redeem a hundred points for $10 in paypal and it took me like 30 minutes to get 25 points so that is really not good that's like what 250 an hour or something like that the good thing about this I don't think you have to be a specific age to do it but I don't know for sure but I got this email and it says five opinion points for a ten minute survey so five minutes I'll just do it let's see what this one's about okay it says equity split and team relational norms what why did they think I was a good pick for this one you currently the owner or one of the owners of a venture startup such a business I always said I didn't qualify it said thanks for my time did they get any points I don't think I got a good point from that guys I'll try another one it says take a survey so let's see if there's any available oh this isn't even an actual one this was just one that would get me more surveys which of the following conditions - I have none I don't watch TV s I don't I don't really have cable what so the following activity is do you plan to do in the next 12 months purchase a vacation home I wish ya none of these so since Opinion Outpost didn't really have anything that I could actually take I'm gonna try another popular one that's called swag bucks where you got to sign up all over again that's kind of annoying okay now I have two swag bucks get free gift cards for answering service and brands so it's pretty obvious like why they pay like they want the like market research it's like a focus group online okay Wow now we have all these other ways add the swag button wow so this actually has a lot more stuff I like the interface of it oh you're gonna earn swag bucks by just like buying stuff that you kind of buy anyway you can watch a slideshow like I'm guessing it's like a really like boring slideshow a health pledge and get one swag bucks so 9 surprising facts about diabetes so I just have to click through this I'm just looking at a bunch of ads right now this is so strange it's gonna keep it through 9 surprising facts oh you have to wait for the countdown to finish before clicking through that's so funny so they want you to like wait now we're on this page gotta wait 7 seconds next page there's only six sides so I got one swag book for that let us entertain you this is a 26 minute video and you're looking at six swag bucks you can earn up to 500 sewing bucks per day watching unique videos it's really a lot to this one like Opinion Outpost wants nothing like this to be honest like they have way more stuff on here okay what's this video gonna be oair plan okay kind of cool I guess klm oh this is another ad isn't it oh I get it you have to watch night you have to watch like a series of videos everyone's like 20.

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