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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Fill Form 8815 Topic

Instructions and Help about Fill Form 8815 Topic

Hi this is the presentation we saw in class to decide on your individual topic for the Trinity exam we started looking at this picture which had something to do with my personal life and you were very curious in fact I asked you questions would you like to ask me and you asked me several questions this led to think about what makes a topic interesting and in fact the answer was a topic is interesting and we are comfortable with it if we can choose to talk about something we are interested in then we went on with brainstorming possible topics I asked you to work in groups of three and to write down five topics you are interested in and would like to be interviewed about for five minutes I warn you not to be too technical not to choose anything which was too complex or which involved too much new vocabulary or which was too general for example not my pet my cat here are a few ideas I asked you to look at an object is important to me a person that I respect a place that's important to me an important social activity in my life and ambition a social problem and so on then after a few minutes after your discussions in groups I asked you to tell me what you had come up with and I asked you to dictate these topics to me here they are this is what you are suggested in bold the ones we selected together so in Turin football food in Expo 2022 because Expo 2022 was too general my or my region in Expo 2022 volunteering with teenagers not just volunteering and the power of Facebook not social media well we have so many social media websites modern era history was too complex Milan in Rome yes ok fine electronic music if you're really interested in from music why not online news and newspapers comparing online news and newspapers not just the news it was too general my own neighborhood very good topic you can talk about not just reading as a topic my favorite alia novel food well you have to be more specific what food but therapy ok fine anglo-saxon supremacy too big too complex well not a good topic for the Trinity exam doing sport yes maybe but you have to be more specific time perception may be too technical hmm stress in a big city right ok maybe if you can select some activities that generate stress and one more topic that was added at the end was my experience with Airbnb hmm why not very personal and you can talk a lot about it I asked students to choose one topic from the suitable ones or choose a new one if you were not happy with the one we had shortlisted um I handed out a mind map which are a very useful tool to develop topic ideas and we saw a mindmap on the platform this is the example mind map I used in glue my main points and in green the language that this topic point can generate for example my experience on stage could generate verb and gerund I remember feeling terrified for example or what I learned from this experience could lead to talking about regrets and hopes I wish someone had told me before or I regret not doing it when I was younger while for example why people love it hmm well I really couldn't find any relevant language for the grade in fact you have to remember that the language you use when you talk about your topic must be relevant for your grade I gave you a handout and I asked you to start writing a few points and to it use as many words and phrases as you could and also to use a variety of language and to help each other and collaborate this is important this is the last part and this is in fact something I asked you to do on the platform to try and to link your points to the grade 9 language we will be discussing this in class next time and also I think we will discuss on the platform which point seemed the most interesting and how can they be used to demonstrate the language remember your map shouldn't contain in the end more than five points thank you for watching and now it's your turn to finish your mindmap.

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