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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Fill Form 8815 Trademark

Instructions and Help about Fill Form 8815 Trademark

Alright hi again attorney Steve entren we're back licensed practice law California in Arizona we take federal trademark cases and copyright cases intellectual property nationwide alright in this video we are going to be talking about the getting a trademark without hiring an a lawyer okay so a lot of people want to come out of the gates a lot of startups they want their trademarks but they're not going we had then the attorneys want like fifteen hundred bucks or two grand and so this video really is about how to get your trademark to apply for a trademark without an attorney if you're in that position so let's just go the trademarks is basically a federal this is a federal registration system okay so there are state trademarks you can register to get state trademark protection in your state most states that I'm aware of have a state trademark registration system but really the granddaddy and what everybody wants is these federal trademarks these are going to give you the nationwide rights that's what a lot of companies are looking for especially just getting out of the gate wanting that protection that they can sell nationwide okay and this is for your goods or your services you can get a trademark for your products you can get a service mark for your services okay so what I'm looking for actually is a I'm going to be going for a service mark to describe my services from my law firm and I'm looking for the name the first name in legal services so one of my branding techniques that I use on facebook on my live videos and elsewhere is attorney Steve comm the first name in legal services and so I want to go get a trademark for that today so what I want to do is just go to the USPTO that's a patent trademark office click on your trademark button and if you want to search it's always recommended that you first do a search just to see if there's anyone else already there why would you plot apply for a trademark if somebody's already there you would be wasting your money okay and once you file these things you can't get them you can't get your money back okay so let's just go the first name in legal services and let's do a search and see if anybody has that so I search I don't see anything there I feel pretty comfortable now I've also done that which you haven't seen I've also done what I just call a common law search searching around seeing seeing what else might be out there but I didn't see anything so I feel pretty good that I can get a service mark for the first name in legal services which describes my services we are the first named attorney Steve calm ok so what I'm going to do is I'm going to say fine I feel good about that I'm going to go get that trademark so here's how I do it ok so go back to your USPTO click your trademarks button go apply online now this is T's and there's different ways to apply but I just come right here to the t's okay you have your t's reduced form regular form T's plus form now you can see here the classes of goods and services here only 225 and it goes up from there the t's reduce fee form if you have a long description that you want to get in there this is it's better to go this way I just filed one for example for clothing and because I had hurt you know shirts hats hoodies you know all that stuff I put it in here with it with a with a special description of the goods ok so but I'm going to go for my purposes I'm going to go right here it's 225 per class of goods and services and we'll get to that in a second but here's all you do click on this this is going to pull up the page read everything on this page I don't have time to go over all this for you this is quick and dirty but read everything on the page they understand what's going on and for me since I'm an attorney filing this application I'm gonna get right into it yes if you had a previously saved file that you were working from you could do that but I'm just going to go continue so that's easy page 1 owner of the mark is going to be my law office right there so you type in the name of your law office or whoever is going to own the mark and it could be a corporation in my case it's a corporation could be individual it could be a partnership joint venture you could just be a sole proprietor doesn't really matter get that in there if you're a company you may want to consider corporations we can help you with California and Arizona corporations but once you select that get your state in there this is going to be California okay and then you're going to have your street address so we're just going to use our our office address there up in San Francisco California and you can do your zip code do your zip code there and you can type in some of this is pre-populated from previous trademark filings your phone your fax the items in red are required you have to have those these you do not but these can be deemed as helpful if you have a website you can put that in there if you want and I'm just going to just put four now I'll put attorney Steve calm I've got my email address and they're so bingo so now you're done with two pages okay check to make sure everything's.

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