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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Form 8815 Amended

Instructions and Help about Form 8815 Amended

Oh yeah benadryl for drivers stay with Melvin as a weapon for 20 individuals what we're bad Music Wow Music Pushpa Zelda Albert when RPG we gotta be traveling through town from our point of view Music there's one o'clock haven't seen anything since then fucking one you get on over to your element gonna let me know when you gather them all up Music Music maybe other weapon I have never in human history have populations suffered the tyranny of despotic governments more than the 20th century for every time despots take control their first aim is to disarm their intended victims lessen the 20th century teaches is that governments have killed more people than all of the wars combined because the vast mass of people at previously in his arms sometimes it happens overnight sometimes it takes a few decades and the establishment will have the arms and the monopoly of arms and so there's no check or balance on that arbitrary tyranny and so all tyrants throughout history including present history must make sure that the people they have conquered do not have the physical means of resistance and quite frankly if the American colonists had not been real armed they would never have had their revolution since colonial times Americans have understood this that a free nation is a function of an armed populace and the founders reflected these realities in four places in the US Constitution the most famous being the second amendment this amendment states a well-regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free State the right of the people to keep and bear Arms shall not be infringed when you disarm a population you leave them open to the worst criminals of all which our government criminals there have been more deaths due to the genocide and Demma side of governments in the 20th century than all the wars put together unfortunately the mainstream media influenced by anti-constitutional interests rarely mentions any of this nor do they ask the obvious question if the second amendment says we're supposed to be a free state how come we're fast approaching a police state everything we see in the Declaration of Independence is decrying the police state and the reasons that the founders stood up against it how could we have allowed our politicians to establish a department of homeland security when all 50 states already have departments of Homeland Security provided by the US Constitution itself region 1 we have Department Homeland Security even though we have already have the Army and the Navy the Air Force and Marine Corps and federal law enforcement is because the powers that be fully intend to create their own version of the SS your own version of kgp that is what the DHS gives people don't like to hear this but if you look through history at the horrible regimes of Stalin Lenin Hitler whoever they were funded by the law-abiding taxpayers the Patriot Act and other statutes have opened the door to not only a police state but a surveillance state complete with TSA agents at our airports warrantless searches wiretapping of our phones drones in the skies and assaults to internet free speech Patriot Act another piece of legislation has made things much worse there was a problem we had to deal with it but they made it completely worse this whole idea that all we have to do is sacrifice liberties and make government bigger spend more money before 9/11 we were spending 40 billion dollars on on security and now it's over 80 billion dollars I spend on it and the Department of Homeland Security is expanding and TSA is expanding so they've done everything completely the war on terror is is really a war against the liberties of American people the civil liberty abuses are so frequently suppressed by the media concerned citizens can only get full-spectrum news from non-us outlets remain stream media dominated in journalism the major newspapers The New York Times Boston Globe Washington Post Baltimore Sun Chicago Tribune even today all three major networks two of the three major cable companies and I would say most of the washington press corps why did MSNBC CNN and even Fox News hardly report the passage of the NDAA a rogue Act which permits indefinite detention of American citizens the mainstream media in all of the Western world is dominated by people who I would describe as collectivists they're people who believe that the state should be all-powerful the people should serve the state it's quite different from the American Republic as it was originally conceived where it we believe that the state should serve the people if the people were in charge and that the state would be the servants people now believe that the state is supreme and the people should serve the state and if that's the case then people cannot have the physical means of resisting the state so they must have not have weapons of any kind because they have to be submissive to the stage so therefore the media and all of these groups support the concept of disarming the people so they cannot challenge the supreme power of the government why does one have to go to RT TV to be informed that the Department of Homeland Security recently purchased 450 million rounds of hollow-point ammunition ammunition that's illegal in war under the Hague Convention of 1899 who is this ammunition intended for and why does the land of the free incarcerate more than any other nation on earth we have the biggest prison population in the world because it's a privatized prison population that teams up with government to guarantee on record 90% occupancy and the very same private prison industries in the last 50 years lobby for laws now where a guy in Florida released a few heart-shaped balloons for his girlfriend and has been charged with a felony that's.

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