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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Form 8815 Cardholder

Instructions and Help about Form 8815 Cardholder

Welcome to the every maker my name is Nick and I got myself some business cards I'm super happy with the way they came out but I need a way to carry them with me so I'm going to make this little business card holder I'm a hoarder I keep pretty much all of my wood scraps especially if it's hardwood but today it's time to go through those scraps and make a business card holder I have some leftover walnut and Hickory from a long game I made for my wedding and that's what I'm using today I'm gonna use the Hickory for the edges so to start I'm gonna clean up one of the edges of the board Music it's already the right thickness but I need to cut it down to about a quarter of an inch for the width one strip would probably be enough it doesn't really take much but I cut two just to make sure I have enough if I screw up and yes I did move up the walnut is going to be the face sides of the card holder I started by cutting it down to width as well I used the Hickory as spacers and lined up my business card to set up a stop block making sure to leave a little bit extra in length as I'll be cutting this board again for the lid I cut both faces out individually but if you are batching these out you can cut an entire stack of boards I carefully lined up where I wanted the faces cut for the lid and used two boards for the stop to keep them from slipping once the faces were all cut out I used a flat board and some self-adhesive sandpaper to make sure that they were completely flattened I decided to miter the corners of the Hickory so the end grain wouldn't show I used an old exacto knife saw on a miter box to cut to 45-degree angles with the first single cut I used the actual lid piece to measure the second cut Music for the sides I left the board a little longer for the hinge and the lash Music with all the lid pieces cut out it was time to glue everything together I used superglue as it is plenty strong for this purpose and dries very quickly Music I drilled a small hole through the hinge on the lid on the drill press then used a cordless drill to transfer the holes to both on the face pieces then it was time to cut the sides for the body and for this I decided to use the miter sled jig for the table saw Music quick tip when needing to trim a piece by a small amount press it up against the blade while it's off use another piece of wood to clamp it in place then run it back through the saw this is shave off very fine amounts and keep your fingers far away from the blade I glued in the bottom piece into place Music then I temporarily connected the lid with a small nail to mark out where the hinge and the latch would line up then I use those marks to mark the final length of each side piece and cut them to size now that all the pieces were cut out it was time to glue everything together Music Applause before gluing on the second side I sanded the base in the lid flush making sure that they were both exactly the same death Music Applause I used the nail again to make sure everything was nice and lined up and glued the second side on once the glue is dry I took the base over to the belt sander to around over the corner by the hinge and filed down the inside corner near the hinge to make sure that it wasn't stopping the lid from opening all the way for the hinge I'm just gonna use an old piece of 12 gauge copper wire why 12 gauge well because that's what I had Music when I drilled the hole I drilled it slightly smaller than the wire that way it gave me a nice friction fit and I wouldn't have to worry about ever falling out I cut the wire flush with my x-acto saw then took the completed box over to the belt sander and flushed everything up and rounded over all the corners just a little bit of hand sanding to get everything smooth and then it was time for the finish Music for the finish I use Danish oil which is an oil varnish blend it's really easy to apply just wipe it on let it sit for a little while and wipe off the excess just a few coats and you'll get a really nice finish that still feels like Music there's just something about using hardwood on a project that takes it to a whole nother level so if you've only had the opportunity to use construction grade lumber or plywood this is a great project to start with because it uses a very small amount of wood I used walnut and Hickory because I love the contrast of these two woods added this little copper pin to give a nice little accent to the piece it's very very sturdy and it's super super thin about the width of a cellphone so it'll fit in my pocket without any concerns there at all it only holds about four business cards but that's because my business cards are stupid thick so if you have normal sized business cards this will hold about twelve to fourteen or so I would love to hear what you guys think of this project so leave me a comment down below and if you liked it hit that like button as well if you want to see what's coming.

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