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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Form 8815 Checklist

Instructions and Help about Form 8815 Checklist

Hello and welcome to this video tutorial from computer gargle calm in this video we are going to look at how to create an interactive checklist in Excel so on screen I have a pretend Christmas shopping checklist at the moment I simply have five names listed of fictional people that I'm imagining I need to buy for I want to insert checkboxes next to their names and then be able to mark those off as I do my purchasing do my gifting and when I do that also what the sales to change color so it's very visual very easy to see that they've been bought for so first of all we need the check boxes and for that we need the Developer tab up on the ribbon now if you do not have your Developer tab you will need to right mouse click somewhere on the ribbon choose customize the ribbon and then check the box for developer on the right-hand side I don't need to do that I have mine I'm going to go straight for the insert tab and go for the check box form control you'll see in here there's two different check boxes ActiveX and form for the purpose of this tutorial I'm going for the form control and I'm going to simply click and drag to kind of draw that onto my sheet and position it as desired so let's go in nicely in the center that cell now you'll notice that it puts a default label of Chick Webb you can't see the whole thing there but it says checkbox blob line there and that is not what I want I want them to be empty because I kind of m4 label next to it which I'm writing in the cells instead so I'm going to right mouse click on that check box and choose edit text so that I can simply delete that text and you can see what I'm saying now you see the word box 28 get rid of all that click away and now it's clear and empty and looks a lot neater now I need one of those checkboxes for every single name in my list or every item in my list now I'm gonna click on the cell and to simply copy and paste the one I have do not click on a checkbox click on the cell that contains the checkbox it's very important at this point that checkbox is completely enclosed within that cell I just simply do a normal copy and paste I'm using the keyboard shortcut control C and control V right now so you can't really see much going on but however you do it I'm simply copying and pasting I'll press escape so now I get a duplicate checkbox at equal size in equal positioning within each cell are pasted at within so now visually we have a neat looking at check list help me and albeit quite small but now we're losing functionality at the moment I can check these boxes but nothing really happens now we need to record the value of the check box somewhere it's known as the cell link with check boxes I can do that by right clicking a check box and formatting the control and using the cell link option provided in here but a slightly quicker way for us is to select the check box now we need to do that by holding down ctrl on your keyboard and then clicking on it that was hold down control and then click on it because if you just click on it it's going to check it so to select it hold ctrl and click then in the formula bar I'm going to type equals and then click on the cell that I want to record the value in and I'm going to use column a you for that now that will record an absolute reference now there's nothing we can do about that for delete that dollar sign Excel will just put it back in they will be fixed references unfortunately well that means for us is we have to manually do this for every single one save or press Enter control click the second one try that again equals in the sale enter click every click away somewhere control click formula bar equals and so on I've only got five here's this is not going to take me much longer to get this done it's pretty easygoing it's not going to take me any more than maybe five more seconds however if you've got a lot you can imagine this is going to be a painful experience and you may want to start looking at getting a macro to kind of loop through and do that for you I'll make sure put a link in the description of this video to my VBA course and so you can maybe look at doing that kind of stuff learn the skills if you don't have them already otherwise it's just a case of manually doing it which will be repetitive a bit annoying you know it's not the end of the world how did those five pretty quickly what that means for us right now is that if I check those boxes it puts the value of true in these cells now you can't see at the moment because a formatted the cells in there a white font so to be a bit cheeky instead of the values are not shown to the user I can equally hide that column no it doesn't need to be visible for this to work as nothing really wrong with it sent to a folks there but it's a little bit ugly so I've just been a little bit clever if you will and a formatting their font in white so the user can't see it cannot go true true as we mock them off but a.

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