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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Form 8815 Ee

Instructions and Help about Form 8815 Ee

This video will see how to implement login module in servlet and JSP so we have always seen the theory of this right so what we need we have a login page here which is login dot JSP we have welcomed our JSP we have videos JSP so if I go to login dot JSP it should give me two it will give it should give me two text field where I will enter my credentials username password and if I not click on the button if the username password is correct it should call up pages welcome to our JSP in which will welcome the user and will print welcome space username and will provide a button or a link for videos page and once you click on the videos link it will take you to videos JSP page and here will try to show you some I will try to show some video or something like that so we have this three pages and what I want I want this welcome dot JSP to be a secure page and this videos dot JSP to be a secure page which means if you are login then only you can access these pages let me have one more page here I will name that page as let's say new and JSP I will I will say this page as about us dot JSP and in this page what I will display as I will say this is Snowie ready from telesco telesco Lovings ok that's what we want to show in the about Us page again the view will not be that good ok just we are just focusing on the login part I'm not concerned about the view how it looks so we will try to keep it simple so we have this about Us page which prints the about Us data so what I want this page should be open page it should not have any restriction to open so if I go to login page so login page and about page they are unsecured pages and this welcome and videos they are secured pages so if I play this if I run this curl login to a JSP now if I run this ok wow it will open in my browser if I hope we'll be in Firefox okay that's Firefox here so that's my login page okay so I can access I can access login page I can access a welcome page welcome to our JSP so I don't want my user to access this welcome dot JSP page okay so this should be accessible only when the user is login so what we'll do is we'll try to provide a login button here or we'll provide a form so we say this is form will say form action and we'll mention let's mention so we'll say double quotes and we'll mention here form action we'll call a servlet here which is let's say this the sahabat name is login okay and we'll keep the method as a method as get now we require a username so we'll say enter user name and we'll say this is input type equal to text and we'll say this name is equal to you name okay and we'll say BR the next thing we acquire is enter password okay and we'll say this is input type equal to this is again this will this will set as a password so that you will see that a star symbol there and we'll name this as pass okay and then we'll say BR now next we require a button so is it input type equal to text or not text this time it will be submit and we'll say value what it should show as a login button right so now once you type all this codes once you click on this login button it will call a login dot or login to a java file which is login dot class file which is servlet right now let me create a serve it here so we'll say not here when the Java file so right click new let us create a servlet and it belongs to our package which is calm dot login I have already created that created that package here conduct login and the class name let us say this is login dot Java once I click on finish it will give you the full source code for servlet right so we are not concerned and about this thing let's make it simple we don't want do post we just want to get here okay not even comments okay say we just want do get and inside do get what we want so let okay so now way to first first fetch those details of its a string you name equal to and we say this is request this is request dot getparameter and inside this get pedometer you have to mention that you want data from you name now this you name here which is the request dot getparameter you have to fetch data from this field that's why you name and next we have to fetch password so we'll say string pass equal to request dot getparameter and we'll say this is again pass okay now once we got this two details now let's call let's verify now how to verify we'll say if I can you can fetch this or you can verify this data with the help of database so you can create a doubt layer you can request your database to give you the username password and then you can verify but time and let's make it static we'll say if my you name is equals if it is equals to telesco and and the password need to be equals with let's learning's if this two are same so if my username is telesco and password is learning in that case we can.

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