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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Form 8815 Enrolled

Instructions and Help about Form 8815 Enrolled

Welcome we're pleased that you're getting ready to enroll your child in a Connections Academy public school the families of more than 60,000 students nationwide have selected Connections Academy schools to help them make new discoveries gain confidence and achieve their goals and in our most recent satisfaction survey 95 percent of parents said that their child is satisfied with the program the enrollment process does take some time but it's not hard to do and we found that when families complete the enrollment process early their children are better prepared to succeed in Connections Academy finishing the process early will give you plenty of time to prepare for virtual school by completing online orientation setting up the at home classroom and attending an in-person event where you'll meet faculty staff and other Connections Academy families plus families that start early avoid the last-minute rush and we're here to help in this video we'll walk you through each stage of the enrollment process for your convenience we've made it possible for you to complete the entire process from a computer tablet or mobile phone so let's get started in the first stage you'll review eligibility requirements and provide us with some basic information find the school in your area and review the school's eligibility web page from the homepage of your school's website click on the enroll tab and select eligibility from the navigation please make sure your child meets the age Geographic and other requirements for enrollment you'll also find a convenient checklist that outlines the documents required by your state for enrollment after reviewing the checklist it's time to get started go to your schools and roll page and click start now to begin your online registration the online application will ask for information about you and the students being enrolled you'll also be asked to check the box confirming that your student meets the eligibility requirements then click continue verify that the information you entered is correct you can make edits if necessary on the next screen you'll create accounts for your family members and Connexus our online education management system please be sure to write down your user names and passwords and keep them in a safe place after you receive on-screen confirmation that your accounts have been set up click login and you'll be signed in to connects us automatically on your home page locate your enrollment checklist then click tell us your relationship to your student after identifying your relationship you can review the school handbook and other links provided before reading and agreeing to the parent legal guardian acknowledgement be sure to click continue as you complete each screen there are two additional online forms to complete plan to spend about 15 to 30 minutes completing the online forms for one students add an extra 10 minutes for each additional child from your homepage click the link that says tell us about your family you'll complete one family information form for your entire family much of the information you provide is used to verify where your family lives to learn what technology support you may need and to collect state required information next we want to learn about your child from your homepage click the continue button for the appropriate student you'll complete one student information form for each student you are enrolling this form asked for information about your child's previous schooling and educational needs we use this information to ensure your child is placed in appropriate courses and to help tailor the program to his or her needs after completing these forms you'll move on to the second stage of the process in stage 2 we'll request documents for each enrolling student to keep the process moving quickly please locate and submit these documents right away it's usually easiest to submit documents online from your home page click the continue button next student whose documents you will be submitting you'll see a list of those documents needed which may be different for each child the submit documents button will take you to the student document upload page uploading documents is simple and there are step-by-step instructions on the screen if you prefer you can print enrollment documents and mail or fax them when completed at this point don't be surprised if a member of our team reaches out to you with other ways to learn more about the school after you submit your documents our enrollment team will verify each document to make sure it is valid and complete please sign into connects us frequently to check your progress from your homepage click continue you'll see a checklist of the documents that we received plus any additional documents still needed be sure to do this regularly for each student you are enrolling also in this stage our academic placement services team will review your student's academic documentation such as report cards unofficial transcripts and other school records sometimes placement testing is also needed we use all of this information to determine which courses will provide exactly the right amount of challenge or support to help your child achieve his or her best you'll also want to check webmail our email system within connects us for any important communications about enrollment placement testing or the upcoming school term please allow up to 72 hours for your documents to be processed and check back regularly we'll update the page to reflect the status of each document those that have been reviewed and verified will be green if documents are not verified or if more information is needed they will appear in red if you have questions or concerns at any time during the process our enrollment team is ready to help feel free to contact us by phone fax or webmail we'll be happy to assist you once our enrollment team has received and verified all student documents Stage two is complete during stage three you'll verify your contact information including the.

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