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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Form 8815 Filers

Instructions and Help about Form 8815 Filers

Already houses welcome back and in this video I am going to show you guys how to handle file uploads so what I want to do is instead of making the user go through the entire Internet and find the proper album logo cover picture and then copy the URL and paste it in what I want to do is I just want to have them click a button browser computer for the image and upload it to our server pretty much how you add any image to a website like you're just like uploading a picture to Facebook or whatever so before you get started what I want you guys to do is go in your admin panel and delete all of your albums and also all your songs and the reason for that is because we're actually going to change the entire structure of our database so we're only going to be making a minor change but if all the old albums have this and all the new ones have a file field then it's going to be confusing so just go ahead and delete all your albums and you'll be good so after that instead of this field being a character field which essentially just means text what you need to make it is a file field pretty cool so now that we actually change the structure of our database we need to pop open terminal and you remember the two commands that you use that's Python manage that py make migrations music and Python manage that py migrate there you go now I actually have these changes already but if you don't then go ahead and make them in restart your server and the reason that I have those already is because I was actually filming this tutorial and then I noticed that I don't know for like the last two months a bunch of water has been coming through my basement and I didn't really think anything of it because the snows kind of melting in my ground is always damp around here so I'm like whatever but it's been really annoying me the sound in the background so I walked outside and I saw that the water spigot was on my outside spigot so water has just been running outside onto the ground for the last two months so yeah can't wait to get my water bill that should be fun all right where was I go ahead and restart your server or you just did that and now actually if you go to admin and go to L bones and just click Add album you can see that you now have a choose file button instead of the just these inputs right here so that is proper pop open our code again art so before we can just add this form to a web page so the user can upload files we need to specify a couple things most importantly whenever the user uploads an image where the heck are we going to store it so where do we specify that well in your music or excuse me website directory go ahead and click settings and scroll all the way to the bottom right here now we actually need to add two global variables the first one is media root and what this is is just the file path of the directory that we're going to pull all of the files in so this is actually OS dot path dot join and we actually want to join this base directory right here and this just resembles whatever directory this is so we're going to take that and we're going to join it with another one called media now the last one that you need to write is basically this but instead of static URL you just name a media URL and of course instead of static URI media right there so essentially whenever the user uploads an image is going to create a new directory and it's going to name it media and you're essentially going to have three files or three directories website music in media and all of their files are going to go in media and if you guys are wondering Ari why do you need both of these well this one is the actual directory on your computer that's going to store those files and this one actually references the relative URL and this is what your browser's use for accessing the files over HTTP so this is just for kind of your server and this is for users in the browsers so after this what we need to do is we need to hop over to website URLs again this isn't music URLs its website URLs and we need to do a couple things the first thing we need to do is specifically import these settings because we tweaked some things on it so I'll just say from jingo com import settings and also from Django tough Eurostat ik1 import static alright so what we're basically saying is hey whenever we're just testing this out go ahead and just use this URL to store all the files in now what I'm going to do is I'm actually going to make an if statement and write settings dot debug in debug mode whenever this is true it pretty much means development mode so if you look at your settings let me look all right so it says re right now you are making this program in debug mode this is good that helps us find all the bugs and whatnot but whenever we actually put this on the live server we actually want to change this to false which means production mode and not developer mode so whenever your website is in actual production mode you probably don't want to store all the images in the same directory right here whenever your websites really big you actually store.

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