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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Form 8815 Navigation

Instructions and Help about Form 8815 Navigation

Hello my name is k1 in this video I will show you how to create it a lot in form a login form we use when you open Microsoft Access and then login phone will pop up and then you need to enter user ID and password in order to that login the phone before that you have to help with some kind like a table like a employee table or use so table in here I already have the user table of you this table to verify the log-in information on the login form under table user I have the username login ID and password first we can create a form by using the pop-up dialog a modal dialog form in the log in form we need to take box this first one for login ID and then the second one is for transfer now format it make it real nice this range step ok now we get cancel button and ok button I'll click on this button and the pop creak I'm going to name format caption name the form is log in form under the first ball log in box of wind under the other tabs the name we came to text login ID and a sick context long name take T 18 password dat login ID and a password under cancel the system already put you know in Bhishma pool we can chain that first form we need this one we can put down quick access this mean host you know program when you keep hands of that and then this we you say you can procedure we we put the code under okay button under ok button and the kick event procedure open it on the book cricket okay now you see in the command key click ok button and we need to put some code in here our first we want to verify whenever if I did take box to text box here if is no or nothing in there we can give some message like that you know peace in the password or login ID ok really start with know if there's no need or take take log in ID it is no I'll take one in 90 and then we leave the message in this eight box keep the user the message please into 12 in ID VP information use like information and the title on the form method form is all move in ID refine you know if if you entered long an ID but you forgot to put fast food in there we wanna test we wanna test it is not anything if you snow then he don't fix password and then copy the message box right here and it is take password to take my password is empty it is no minute a password and then message buffets and the password also require the next statement if else if you so tie in a lot login ID and a password and then we do some things okay we can add some here to either reduce a forgotten login ID we can go back and put some like a bringing cursor to that box 8.8 ID dot zip folder same thing in here the password the next step is even it is is the correct user login or get quarry password or odd the board is not empty but you make sure that they enter the correct login and create password in order to go to the next step open the application we use the lookup when I look up information look up as you log in that is correct or not look up also decolor cannot form the user table we have a long user login you have a user login and then password in from table TBL user and we sit down Korea is usable in equal to Y dot X log in ID not falling three close parenthesis this one with is it is no user login from the table user and whereas long in equal to takes login ID and then we can not do something else and if and we want to do both we put we want to test both a login ID and password is correct or not from user tie in and copy this thing copy the whole one and we can change oh now we taste the password we have here the password fill hole takes password and we get the message if the password and user login in coil 1 a message box incorrectly login ID or password it is correct we open the program ok now we we fill the validation function for the login ID and password you want to taste this function save save form as name longing go back to firm and now we want to test the form that we create some variation function now we kicking is others to enter login ID this interval in 19 well in ID wine on the title and this one is VB information now set for gas on the login John and hit okay and now it's arcing creasing to password encoded input password in past one two three and then hit okay and is a in curry plug-in ID or password code this form for now let's see the user table information I put K one and a good one two three four password okay and we open in log in form put a one long in IDE and pass one two three four click OK this mean is to do something okay left down we disarmed evil in the code game it is correct else we do you can put message code here copy login ID and password try an a.1 102 fold you can login and password only need a password hi next step we do something if is going we will open the phone that we want ago you know when it's correct.

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