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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Form 8815 Topics

Instructions and Help about Form 8815 Topics

Next on the gospel bill show mr. Ted water just came by to put your mind at rest oh really and just how are you gonna do that well I figured you'd heard gospel bills left town for a few days and I just wanted you to know who cooked the best looking The Tempest and I might add smartest deputy in charge he's ever had namely me and if there's anything I can do for you next couple of days she would hesitate to call oh man yeah you really are something put your hands up it's the gospel bill show featuring gospel bill Nicodemus Elmo's horns miss Lana do you just water and the entire try golf dad Music well here AMJ be armed and ready well Nicodemus what are you doing with all those guns well you message said you needed me at the jail real quick so I figured you wanted me to help you round up some desperate outlaws listen I didn't have in mind that you'd bring down the whole Union arsenal I mean I only want you to watch the channel for a couple of days well you know what they say you can never have too many well I haven't seen that many guns on one fella since the Civil War it's better to be safe I'm sorry so you're picking up anyway well I got to go down to alkali flats I'm bringing a fella back to dry goats to stand trial his name is Harry black Harry Blanton of the Blanton brothers gang who they're really desperate oh they got hairy Larry and Gary and don't they have a sister named Mary no no I wouldn't know that that's a mean bunch of outlaws yeah well listen this guy's not gonna be any trouble because he's already locked up so you take the badge and put it on and you be real careful about how you treat the folks at dry Gulch and whatever you do don't let those guns get away from ya you can count on me GB don't give it a second thought listen I'll be back as soon as I can okay yeah yeah yeah well I reckon I better be a making the rounds Music did gospel will make you Dimity you did oh you look so yeah gospel bill put the welfare of all the citizens of this here town and these two very capable hands well I love to stand here and chat with you all day nothing that please me more but duty calls I got rounds I've got to make good at it lady oh man yeah I am you know it just feels good Music Larry come on Music you know I think that sheriff's doing us quite a favor by bringing our brother Harry out of prison for us yeah but how we gonna get our brother away from that Sheriff well you know let's figure that sheriff wouldn't mind trading our brother Harry for one of the citizens of this town you mean hold somebody for ransom Music have you ever seen a horse with striped pajamas well here's an animal who looks much like a horse with stripes pajamas it's a zebra although zebras are not exactly like horses they are members of the horse family zebras have hooves legs and bodies much like that of a horse a zebras neck is somewhat shorter than a horse's neck and his tail is like the tail of a donkey have you ever wondered about a zebras stripes is he really black with white stripes or is he white with black stripes if you look closely you will see that the zebra has no stripes on the insides of his legs or on the underside of his belly these areas are white so the zebra is really white with black stripes Wow you learn something every day the Zebras are hard to domesticate that means that they are difficult to train although their bodies are much like horses their personalities are much different although all zebras have stripes no two zebras are exactly alike each set of stripes is different you see each zebra is a special creation of God you two are a special creation of God there is no one else in all the world who's exactly like you even your fingerprints are different no two people are exactly alike that's one of the reasons God loves you there's no one else on earth to fill your shoes no one else can ever be you you're the only you that will ever be that's why it's important to be yourself don't wish that you or someone else be you God made you special so give your life to Him and let him help you find the reason that you're here learn a lesson from the zebra each is a unique and special creation from God be comfortable in who you are Music hey I miss Lana I reckon I'm the test the smartest the best-looking depta sure this town's ever had yeah yeah yeah but it's all I going to waste what well here I am miss lady with all this talent just a losing out of me and it's going to waste I mean when was the last time you've seen a group of same 50 arm rage come right in and just shoot the whole town up never see what I mean and when was the last time you seen a couple of fellers getting drunk over it to salute and just shoot the whole place up we don't have a swing it's exactly what I'm talking about and when was the last time a couple of fellers get this notion to just go over and blow up tuck waters banks safe with dynamite that's never happened you see what I mean always telling just me and I don't have a place to use.

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